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Martin Sheen Found By News Crew After Son Charlie reports him missing

"Emilio, Ramon, Renee, Charlie, we're fine, we're on Zuma Beach and we're going to sleep in the car tonight," said…

“Emilio, Ramon, Renee, Charlie, we’re fine, we’re on Zuma Beach and we’re going to sleep in the car tonight,” said the “Apocalypse Now” actor in a message to his children.

Fox 11 in Los Angeles located and interviewed Martin Sheen and Mrs Janet Sheen on Friday nights after his son Charlie Sheen reported that they were missing on Twitter.

When a Fox 11 reporter attacked Martin on Zuma Beach where he had been evacuated Friday morning and stayed all day, the journalist informed the actor that Charlie had tweeted earlier that his parents were missing. Martin took the opportunity to send a message to his son and other children: “Emilio, Ramon, René, Charlie, we’re fine, we’re at Zuma Beach and we’re going to sleep in the car tonight. We hope you’re too , and thank this guy, the member Screen Actors Guild member, to give the opportunity to contact you. “

Janet did not look at the camera, but the Fox reporter mentioned that she was present.

Sheen added that “this is the worst [fire] I’ve seen” during the 48 years he has lived in Malibu, evacuated early Friday due to Woolsey Fire, one of two who broke out in Ventura County on Thursday. “I have never seen one with this intensity, for long who took so much property and caused such devastation.”

Earlier in the day, Charlie tweeted a message which was widely shared, where he wrote: “I can not get ahold of my parents, Martin and Janet Sheen … if anyone has eyes on them, please let me know they are safe and correct in the middle of this horrible scenario. ” [19659005] During the interview with Fox 11, Martin added that he only took things to eat from his house but did not save anything else. He said that the only one he always thought he would pack would be his passport, but he forgot them “so we will not travel, at least abroad for a while.”

“Nobody has been killed. No life has been lost, as far as we know, in Malibu, Oak Park, Thousand Oaks or Westlake Village,” Sheen concluded at the end of the brief interview. “We just have to reconnect and rebuild and rethink what we do with our lives.”

In addition to Martin, the stars including Rainn Wilson, Kim Kardashian West and Lady Gaga have evacuated their homes because of Woolsey Fire.

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