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Mark Zuckerberg ordered all Facebook managers to use Android phones

November 15, 2018 Technology 4 Views Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ordered his management team to use only Android phones because…

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ordered his management team to use only Android phones because the operating system has more users worldwide. According to The New York Times the decision arose after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook criticized Facebook in an MSNBC interview to be a trafficking “in your personal life.”

In these comments, back in March, Cook rejected a question that asked him what he would do if he was in Zuckerberg’s shoes dealing with the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal by saying, “I would not be in this situation . ” Zuckerberg shortly after retorted in an interview with Recode that he found that Cook’s comments were “extremely slippery” and that “I think it is important that we do not all get Stockholm syndrome and let the companies work hard for to charge you more convince them that they really care more about you. Because it sounds ridiculous to me. “

While it is not clear how Cook’s aggressive comments directly provoked Zuckerberg to issue his Android-only order, It’s still a rational decision to get Americans to use Android. Android is the dominant operating system in many regions outside the United States, including South America, Europe, Russia, South Asia and parts of the Middle East.

It is also a good business decision. Other technology companies like Snap have strongly encouraged workers to use Android phones. US technology workers usually use these phones less, creating a blind spot when working on apps. Android and iOS have real differences that can affect app development and user experiences.

We said that we watched Twitter activity from several Facebook executives, including blockchain leader David Marcus and VP for AR and VR Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, all of whom still appear to be using iPhones, so it is possible that Zuckerberg’s orders were not accomplished or that these people all use iPhones in their personal lives.

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