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Mark Zuckerberg apologizes to the Senate for Facebookgate: “It was my mistake and I’m sorry”

Surely the words of Steve Wozniak , co-founder of Apple and an icon of the industry, to justify his departure…

Surely the words of Steve Wozniak , co-founder of Apple and an icon of the industry, to justify his departure from Facebook a couple of days ago today have more sense than ever, and that is that devastating phrase “On Facebook you are the product” I should do many learn the lesson .

He ‘Facebookgate’ it is already a scandal of unimaginable proportions that has left very touched the credibility of the social network property of Mark Zuckerberg , that this week will have to face two parliamentary committees to explain to the American authorities that having leaked the Personal profiles of more than 87 million users to Cambrigde Analytica.

It has not taken however Mark Zuckerberg in sing the mea culpa before the Senate of the United States , and that is in the middle of size maremágnum to the CEO of Facebook have submitted to a hostile interrogation for the huge security failures detected in your company.

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Zuckerberg responds and apologizes publicly

In a climate of remarkable tension, the truth is that Mark Zuckerberg has appeared on the scene with a serious and humbler tone that never, surely trained, although you have not skipped any of the questions of the US legislators.

One phrase resonated over all the others during his appearance, and that is Mark repeated it ad nauseam : “I use Facebook, my family uses Facebook, of course I think it’s a safe service” . In addition, he wanted to add that your company is undergoing a full audit to improve its procedures and that data leaks do not happen again.

Surely we did not do enough to prevent our tools from being used incorrectly as well. Both false news and foreign interference in presidential elections, hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy are in question.

We did not take a sufficiently broad view of our responsibility, and it was a big mistake. It was my mistake and I’m sorry. I started Facebook, I manage it and I am responsible for everything that happens here.

Zuckerberg was obviously asked about the use of the data leaked in the Donald Trump campaign in 2016 , and that is that the magnate had hired the services of Cambridge Analytica.

In this sense Mark informed the Senate that Your team works hand in hand with the special prosecutor investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, although he claimed not to know if he could reveal data about these investigations at a public hearing, so he referred to confidentiality to not answer on that subject.

He also referred during his interrogation to the protection of the private information of its users as “a basic responsibility” who did not comply with the righteousness that that responsibility implies, and committed to change things as soon as possible to avoid that this scandal is repeated in the future.

facebook content removed

Many measures in a world where information is everything …

Yesterday from Facebook it was reported the banning two applications , CubeYou and AggregateIQ, and Mark Zuckerberg has stated during his interrogation that the company is already analyzing tens of thousands of applications that are interconnected in one way or another with your platform.

If we find any suspicious activity we will investigate thoroughly that application or applications to understand how they are using the data, and verify if they do something wrong.

In addition, Zuckerberg informed the Senate of development of tools based on artificial intelligence to combat these types of problems, and also talked about hiring staff to swell security departments of Facebook and have more resources.

The CEO of Facebook also commented that the cyber war is like an arms race, and if the hackers they improve trying to exploit their systems they must improve also to protect themselves , something that you think you are doing and will continue to do with the Multiple changes in privacy policies .

It will not be the last time that Zuckerberg talks about this case, and it will not be the last time that we bring you first hand the final details of a huge scandal that I sincerely believe that we still have not given all the importance it deserves … We’ll be alert!

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