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Mariners sales continue when Jean Segura leads to Phillies, per report

December 3, 2018 Sports 0 Views Jerry DiPoto is like that guy in your imagination who proposes five business to…

Jerry DiPoto is like that guy in your imagination who proposes five business to every other team in the league every week. For those of us who are just happy, this offseason happens, we thank him.

Seattle Mariners has long thought to be willing to be the seller of this offseason because of their roster and farm system, the fact that the aforementioned DiPoto is their boss and all of this is true in a division that will be very difficult to compete in the best circumstances due to the presence of Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics and even Angels (as long as they have trout that is).

Most of the time it has been played. We had seen the mariners who did some less seller features before they took out the big guns and moved Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz to Mets over the weekend. Now it seems that another Mariner is on the move.

For the Phillies, this store is easy to understand given how bad their infield performed this season. Both Santana and Crawford were disappointing as they stretched westward and Phillies infield was probably the worst defensive unit in baseball in addition to their battle on the plate. Segura provides true offensive production (.304 / .341 / .415) and some defensive ability for a Phillies roster who needs both (although it is worth mentioning that Segura’s defensive metrics have been a little bit over the years in their career). [19659006] In terms of return to Seattle, we do not know enough to rate this. Segura has been a 3+ fWAR player in the last three seasons with at least three seasons of team control with a club option for a fourth. Although he is not super cheap ($ 14.5 million a year over the next three years), his production is extremely valuable and returns must reflect that. Crawford is a former top spectron who will hopefully benefit from a change in the landscape and Santana was a positive one last year for the album, although it seems that his best days are behind him. It will be interesting to see if Seattle could beat any real talent away from Phillies.

It is worth noting that this move complicates Phillie’s pursuit of Manny Machado somewhat. Segura has played a second base in his career, but for the most part he has been a shortstop that is Machado’s preferred position. While Phillies would certainly figure out something about Machado was willing to write with them, it’s a wonder if Machado can see elsewhere now when Segura is in the week.

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