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Map for Fortnite: the best app to study the Fortnite map in depth


We all know that chests, weapons, flames and other elements of great interest do not always appear in the same places in Fortnite , but usually do not usually get away much from known locations. For this reason, it is extremely important to know “at your fingertips” the Fortnite map , and that’s precisely what the app facilitates Map for Fortnite .

Fortnite for Android it’s not official yet, in fact it’s being used to promote different scams throughout the Network , but we can find applications related to the title of Epic Games to maximize the game in inPhone, PS4, Xbox and PC, the only platforms in which the game, for now, is available.

That the game does not exist in Android, although we can download it soon , does not imply that we can customize our mobile with Fortnite wallpapers or, as it happens with the application that we bring you today, take advantage of our smartphone to know all the corners of the Fortnite map, something essential (as well as the good aim and the speed of construction) to get the much desired Victory Royale that allows us to rest in peace.

Map for Fortnite: the best app to study the Fortnite map in depth

Find essential places with Map for Fortnite

Chopped floors, Cholesterol House, Lúgubres Lomas, Fortunate Landing, Ciudad Comercio, Tomato Town … although it may not seem like Fortnite map hides many secrets and to get to be the only one alive at the end of the game or meet the weekly challenges offered by the game, it is essential to know every place in the game. Fortnite Island .

Map for Fortnite: the best app to study the Fortnite map in depth

Map for Fortnite: the best app to study the Fortnite map in depth

We have tested several applications that allow study the map of Fortnite down pat, but maybe Map for Fortnite is the one that we like most at the interface level and the things that it allows us to do. This application, available in both iOS and Android, lets you know where the chests and vending machines usually appear, essential items in the game and that each new game usually change its location. Of course, knowing in advance where they can hide gives a great advantage to the players.

Download Map for Fortnite for Android
Download Map for Fortnite for iPhone

These are all the possibilities offered by the Map for Fortnite app:

  • Reveals all possible locations of chests in Fortnite
  • Reveal all vending machine positions (with screenshots)
  • Weekly guide with locations of Challenges

Beyond revealing the location of chests and vending machines in the Fortnite map , this application is especially useful to meet the challenges of the game. As you know, in more than one occasion you will have to locate signs of “prohibited dancing”, discotheques, TV cameras and a long etc. to meet the weekly challenges Fortnite . This allows you to earn experience points quickly so you have an application like Map for Fortnite that gives us an extra help when it comes to meeting challenges never hurts.

With this app and a bit of luck you’ll get Level up in Fortnite d e quickly and -something more- simple.