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Many Parents Misinformed About the Flu Shot

WASHINGTON –The 2017 flu season was particularly bad in the Northern Hemisphere. Nearly 80,000 people died in the U.S., including…

The 2017 flu season was particularly bad in the Northern Hemisphere. Nearly 80,000 people died in the U.S., including 180 children. Already this year, the virus has claimed the life of a child in Florida.

A Florida hospital has surveyed parents throughout the U.S.

WATCH: Some Parents Do not Understand the Flu Shot

Why get the shot? [19659003] Kids are very effective spreaders of disease. Just ask Ehren McMichael, mom of three.

“My husband and I just assume if one kids gets it, it’s do the best you can and then hope for the best because more than likely, someone else in the house will come down with it as well, “she said.

Even though kids do not like getting a shot, McMichael’s kids, including her daughter Hannah, know why they get one.

” It helps protect you from the flu, and so when you go to school, your friends do not catch it, “Hannah said.

The same is true for her son Brayden.

” It’s better to get a shot than get sick, “he said. 1

9659003] Flu shot myths busted

Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Florida surveyed parents and found a significant number of them being misinformed about the vaccine. Undersøkelsen fandt, at mere end halvparten af ​​forældrene spørgsmålstegnede, at børn kan få influenza fra skuddet, en tredjedel ikke tror at vaccinen virker, og næsten så mange tror influenzavaccinen forårsager autisme.

Dr. Jean Moorjani, that Orlando Health, tries to help parents understand why their children should get vaccinated against the flu.

“Doctors recommend the flu vaccine because we know, based on science and research and facts, that it is the best way to protect yourself and your family against the flu, “she said.

” You can not get autism from the flu vaccine. Det er ikke en konspirasjon for læger til å anbefale influensa vaccinen.

Get your shot early

Scientists try to figure out what strains of influenza are likely to circulate in a given year, but if they guess wrong, Moorjani said, the vaccine still offers some protection.

“When your body receives the flu vaccine, your body starts to think,” OK, I ‘ve got to start making antibodies to help protect against the flu virus.’ So if it’s not a perfect match, getting the flu vaccine will still give your body some protection, ‘she said.

Infectious disease experts recommend getting vaccinated before the flu season begins. This goes for adults, as well. Det hjælper med at beskytte de som er vaccineret så vel som babyer, der er for unge til at blive vaccineret.

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