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Man who killed 2 at Kroger Attempted to enter a black church before the attack, police say

October 26, 2018 US 3 Views A gun that killed two people in a pubs store in Jeffersontown, Ky., On…

A gun that killed two people in a pubs store in Jeffersontown, Ky., On Wednesday, attempted to enter a predominantly black church minutes before the attack, police said on Thursday.

Man Gregory Bush 51, of Louisville, arraigned Thursday on two bills of murder and 10 bills of unnecessary threat. He was ordered with $ 5 million bail. Police said they investigated the motive for the attack, which killed Vickie Lee Jones, 67, and Maurice E. Stallard, 69.

Both were black while Mr. Bush was white and the testimony’s son said dad heard the gun making a racist remark during the episode, even though the police said they could not confirm that account. Mr. Bush has a history of mental illness, said Chief Sam Rogers of Jeffersontown Police Department at a press conference on Thursday.

The police said there was no indication that Mr. Bush knew any of the victims, nor had he

Maurice E (19659007).

Superior Rogers and Church officials said the surveillance video had recorded that Bush’s failed attempt to enter the nearby first baptist church Jeffersontown just before the attack.

Maurice E Stallard Credit Stallard Family

Billy Williams, Church Administrator, said that eight to ten people were inside the church when Mr. Bush arrived after a midweek service. A church in the car park became worried when she saw him aggressively pulling on the exterior of the historic church. Mr. Bush drove away after less than 10 minutes.

“There were 70 people here on our weekly meeting service just one hour before he arrived,” said Mr. Williams, who was among them. “I’m just grateful that all our doors and security were in place.”

He added that they prayed for the victims’ families. Both had relatives who participated in the church, who recently celebrated their 185th anniversary.

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