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Man refuses to sit next older black woman on Ryanair Flight to London

October 21, 2018 Business 0 Views Points of people declared a boycott against Ryanair, a Dublin-based budget carrier, this weekend…

Points of people declared a boycott against Ryanair, a Dublin-based budget carrier, this weekend after video of an apparently racist confrontation on a later flight on the internet.

David Lawrence, a British citizen, told HuffPost he filmed the video on October 18 before a Ryanair flight FR9015, an afternoon flight, from Barcelona to Stansted Airport in London.

The video shows a white man screaming because he does not want to sit next to an older black woman. Another woman who seems to be the older woman’s daughter barked the man to yell at the woman and asked him to “give her a chance!”

A male flight attendant tried to defeat the situation and asked the woman if she wanted to sit elsewhere, as she originally refused.

When the confrontation continued, the man called his mate a “bright black bastard” and shouted: “Do not talk to me in a foreign language, your stupid ugly cow!” [1

9659002] He also threatened the woman with violence: “I’ll tell you this,” the man told her. “If you do not go to another seat, I’m going to another seat.”

The woman eventually asked if she could go to her daughter.

Lawrence uploaded the video on his Facebook page an hour after the confrontation.

Ryanair did not return HuffPost’s request for comments.

Many have criticized flight crew not to kick the man from the flight and to allow the woman to move places instead of him.

Several members of the British Parliament and the Scottish Parliament have called on Ryanair to report the man to the police for his verbal abuse.

“He should have been removed from the flight and handed over to the police,” MP Karl Turner tweeted. “We assume that the aircraft was in Britain. If so, he definitely committed crimes.”

Ryanair, headquartered in Ireland, has not issued any official reply to the video.

Lawrence told HuffPost that neither the pilot nor the flight guards asked the man to change place or leave the flight after the event occurred.

“I was talking to the pilot at the end of the flight,” said Lawrence. “He suggested that we make a formal complaint to Ryanair.”

The budget airline has won a reputation for being a company that offers only the smallest minimum service and takes out more customers for basic services, including printing of their boarding passes and group seating.

Ryanair Marketing Manager Kenny Jacobs once claimed at a conference on the travel industry that the company was “the fastest growing airline and we are low cost, average,” according to Quartz.

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