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Male cancer and depression have affected the lives of these four women who proudly support Movember

Jules, Rachael, Zan and Fran carry their mustache with prideStacey Solomon reveals that she does not shave or remove her…

Jules, Rachael, Zan and Fran carry their mustache with pride

Stacey Solomon reveals that she does not shave or remove her body hair to Movember

“Most women have men in their lives they care about and we all have a role to play in supporting Movember” says Anne-Cecile Berthier, Movember Foundation.

Jules Dorrington

“It’s hard to know he’ll never go daughters down the hallway”

She says, “Rick had some symptoms before diagnosing it, but he put it down for aging. He stood up a lot to go to the bathroom and he could not go on a long journey without having to stop for a pee.

“But since July 2007, Rick rushed to Poole Hospital in pain.

“Within a week, after a biopsy and bone scanning, he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. It had spread to his legs and we were told that it was terminal. The shock was unbelievable.

Jules says she lost his soulmate when Rick died

“Rick received hormone treatment to slow down cancer proliferation. But for the next seven years he gradually became more ill.

“In April 2014 he died in my arms.”

“Losing Rick has been horrendous. I’ve lost my soul mate and our daughters Alice and Clara have lost their father. All their friends get married and it’s hard for them to know that he’ll never get the chance to go down in the hallway or meet their grandchildren.

“Alice has been a long-term Movember supporter and she showed it’s a lot more than facial hair. She has raised over 15,000 kronor for charity.

Olivia West Commended by the Sun

Everybody over 50 should talk to their GP about having a prostate cancer blood test, saying Jules

“I’ve organized a lot of events, quizzes, back sessions and I’m working on some Movember jumpers. Clara has also signed up for the London Marathon.

” It’s not just about getting money. We want to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer so that other men discover the characters earlier than Rick.

“Symptoms do not occur at all, so men over 50 should talk to their GP about PSA testing (a blood sample for prostate specific antigen).

” Women know if something is wrong and they will push on that a man should go to the doctor.

David Seaman joined us to provide all the mustache-growing inspiration you need for Movember

“Many men on their own will just not do it, and that’s why” Mo sistas “is more important than ever.”

Rachael Leslie

“We were shocked how good he masked his depression”

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Rachael’s brother Jordan last year in his second year at the university

Rachael, 36, a municipal worker from Coventry, lost his brother Jor dan Bilsland to suicide last year.

She says, “My brother Jordan was only 19 when he died and just started his second year studying physics at York University.”

“He was popular and always went to parties. He played sports and had lots of friends. From the outside you would think he had everything to live for.”

“You imagine a person with a mental state to be lay all the time, crush around and do not leave the house. But it was not Jordan.

Rachael says Jordan seemed to have everything to live for

“I was on vacation with my family in September 2017 when it happened. I called late at night from my mom.

“It was not clear immediately that he had taken his own life but in the next 24 hours we started to put together what had happened.

“We later found a diary and it was very clear Jordan had long struggled with depression.

” We were all shocked at how well he masked his feelings. I do not know if he hoped he would only get better if he thought he was out of help or if he just would not ask for help.

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Rachael is happy Movember now gives a light on people’s mental problems

“We never know why he did what he Women are much better at seeking help. Some men find it difficult.

“The language men use as” crew “or” get over it “is unreasonable.

“We must be better at supporting people who have a mental health condition. The stigma around it prevents people from moving forward.”

“Movember is not just about cancer and mustache anymore. They want people to talk about mental health and suicide, and that’s why I’m eager to support them.

The Easy 3-Step Guide to Checking Your Balls for Signs of Cancer

“It’s too late to help Jordan but together we can save other young men who feel like he did.”

“Asking a A man who is worried if he thinks of suicide will not make it happen but it can save somebody’s life. “

Zan Mellaney

” I had a fake mustache for a whole month “

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Zan Lost His Dad Peter, 67, To Prostate Cancer This Year

Zan, 33, a mother-of-two from Salisbury, Wilts , lost her father to prostate cancer in June of this year.

She says: “Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in spring 2013. Immediately we were told that he was a terminal and as a family we were devastated. I was desperate to do a little bit and I could not help dad, but maybe I could help someone else.

“In October of the same year, I read something about Movember and came up with this ugly idea of ​​wearing a fake mustache for the whole month to raise money for charity.

” I got a lot of starters and comments . Some people just ignored it, but those who engaged in it were brilliant.

Zan with Dad Peter, who in his diagnosis was told that his cancer was terminal

“I increased around 1,400 pounds. did not tell dad first but when he found out that he donated another £ 100 to up to £ 1500.

“I did it again in 2016, so I’ve raised a total of $ 3,000 for Movember Foundation

” Dad had always been a healthy and active man before being diagnosed. “

“He had no symptoms and it was only when he went to the doctor for a routine check as a blood sample showed his PSA levels were through the ceiling. This is an indication of prostate cancer.

Olivia West commissioned by the Sun

Zan is keen to raise awareness about the need for men to get blood test for prostate cancer

“He received treatment to prolong his life , but unfortunately we lost him in June 67. “

” I am very keen to raise awareness so as to recall going for regular PSA tests when they hit 50. “

Fran Parr

” He appeared empty y and looked free. “

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French man Gary, 41, has had suicidal thoughts

Project leader Fran , 36, above is in Tower Hamlets, East London, with Gary, 41, who has had suicidal thoughts.

She says, “I received a message from Gary last November and said he had dark thoughts. He said he was afraid and did not want to be here anymore.

” I knew he had been depressed but I had no idea he was suicide.

“He reluctantly told him what he had planned, although later I learned that he had not mentioned that he had booked hotel rooms and wrote letters to his family.

Fran with Gary, who admitted to her that he would not live anymore and planned to commit suicide

“When he spoke, he saw” empty “and had this free look at his face. called his psychiatrist.

“When we met him the next day he quickly realized that Gary was a risk to himself and could not be left alone.”

“It was recommended that he enter a psychiatric hospital.

” He was hospitalized for seven weeks before being released to continue his recovery at home.

Franz encourages anyone who believes that a loved one can harm themselves to take action

“Within a few months he did well, but in August he had a relapse. He returned to the hospital. Fortunately, it was a short stay.

“We have both learned depression is not something that just disappears.

“Talking can be one of the hardest things for anyone with mental illness. So do not wait for them to talk. Join your intestinal instinct; If you think something is wrong check them out.

” They Maybe not ready to talk about things at that time, they can shut down or get angry with you but they will know you care and are willing to listen and it’s powerful for anyone in crisis. “

Movember 2018 Photo Shoot

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