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Makeup for brown eyes

Hello friends of WebChaat! How are you? This week it’s time to talk about the eyes. Today I want to…

Hello friends of WebChaat! How are you? This week it’s time to talk about the eyes. Today I want to talk to you about makeup for brown eyes : tutorials, tricks and tips to get a perfect look. If this is your eye color, you can not miss my post:

  • How to make up your day to day if you have brown eyes
  • The best eye makeup for your night looks
  • Tutorials on how to make up brown eyes

It is time to take advantage of your brown eyes.

We start!

How to make up your day to day if you have brown eyes

Brown eyes predominate almost exclusively in Africa, Asia and America, so it is very likely that you also have this eye color , like the majority of the population. Maybe this makes you think you do not have a special look, but … you’re wrong!

If you have brown eyes you should know that you are lucky, because brown contains all the primary colors, so it is an ideal combination with almost all shades ! Well-made eyes will give you a special and novel look.

Therefore, if you want to dazzle each day, it is best to get a daily makeup that does not take you long and that at the same time seems natural . Although it is important to make up your eyes well, it is worthless if the rest of the face is not well finished, so, before starting with your eyes, you should apply a good foundation of makeup, concealer and sun dust, always trying to make your Face is natural.

Makeup for brown eyes

It’s time to make up your eyes. First, we must choose the tones. In this case, being a makeup for our daily routine, it is best to use shadows be ige, light brown and pink, so that the eye is highlighted but not in excess . These tones are ideal to soften the look, provide greater luminosity and sweeten the rest of facial features.

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, a good option is delineate the water line with a pencil in natural beige . To finish, the ideal is to use a good mascara, which will open your eyes. You can use it in brown , to make it even more natural, or in the classic black Both will be perfect.

Although daily makeup is essential, we can not forget special occasions. It is time to dazzle at night.

We continue!

The best eye makeup for your night looks

The brown eyes can also be a perfect ally to get unique night makeup. The best trick to enhance this eye color is to use shadows that intensify the look, and for this the golden, metallic, chocolate brown and black tones.

In this case, it is recommended Focus all your attention on your eye makeup , since metallized shades and striking colors should not abuse other tones in other parts of the face.

If you want your gaze to last all night, it is advisable to apply a prebase of eyes, to fix the shadows . There are many options when it comes to make up the eye. These are my recommendations:

  • Metallic tones . It is a safe bet if you want to stand out. It is easy to make: silver eyeshadow in the lacrimal, golden in the middle part and closed with a dark tone.

Makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes

  • Smoky eyes Undoubtedly, smoking is one of the trends in makeup of recent times, and girls with brown eyes looks great. You can risk a little, to Kim Kardashian, or opt for a more natural smoked, but still always be a safe bet.

Makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes

  • Blue, green or purple tones This option is for the most risky: to be tones that contrast with your eyes, we must be careful not to spend applying shade. It is important to make a good blur to soften the color and not look too artificial. The first thing you should do is mix the intense shadows with soft browns, since the latter support all kinds of tones. An intense green shade, cobalt blue diffused with gray or a purple line are some perfect options to add luminosity to your eyes. They will be more alive than ever!

Makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes

  • Black Eyeliner. If yours are not strong shadows, sometimes the simplest is the most effective. A simple delineation of eyes with black eyeliner enlarges the look and gives it more depth. If you want to give it even more intensity, combine it with red lips.

Makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes

  • Colorful mascara . Another option to give light to your brown eyes is to use mascara beyond the classic black: the tone brown or indigo blue come stomping. They are great when it comes to combining them with the shadows we mentioned earlier.

Makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes

As I said before, this eye makeup will occupy all the protagonism, so it is not necessary to use strong tone lipsticks (red, burgundy, violets …) because it will reduce the importance of the look and the result can be too burdensome makeup.

Once you know what are the trends for brown eyes, it is time for us to put it into practice.

Keep reading if you do not want to miss it!

Tutorials on how to make up brown eyes

We already know that there are many ways to make up brown eyes: innumerable combinations of shadows, different finishes, eyeliners, mascara …

Now it’s time to put it into practice. If you have been left with doubts about what you have read, I think that these videos will come to you very well. Many times, until we see it with our own eyes we do not have the clear idea in mind.

Because of that, I have chosen some tutorial videos that use shadows and techniques like the ones we talked about earlier . Get some popcorn that we started 😉

  • Makeup for brown eyes from Maybelline hand . In this case, the professional make-up artists of the famous brand explain how to make a perfect look if we have brown eyes. Hit the play!
  • Smoked with reddish tones. Ideal for brown eyes. The warm tones give the eye an incredible luminosity and brightness. What are you waiting to see how Alba Nieto does it?
  • Makeup with brown tones . Monica is inspired by the trends of the 90s to make a very natural and characteristic makeup of the time.
  • Shades in green tones for brown eyes . In this case, Natta Beauty uses a very elaborate technique to achieve a smoky green and brown tones perfect for your eye color. I love it!
  • How to highlight brown eyes . If you want to have a range of ideas and possibilities for your eyes, Secrets and Colors has several tips for you.
  • To enlarge the eye . If what you want is to get a stronger look, with an eye that looks bigger, do not hesitate to watch this video of ratolina, which brings us a smooth smoky ideal to make the eye bigger.

So far my post about makeup for brown eyes. I hope it has helped you to have new ideas on how to highlight our eyes 🙂

If you liked it, do not hesitate to share it on your social networks. I come back next week with more content for you 😀

See you soon!

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