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Make your home smart for $ 110 this black Friday

With just a smart home device you can change how you interact with your home. But to get the full…

With just a smart home device you can change how you interact with your home. But to get the full smart home effect, you need at least some devices that all work together.

This Black Friday you can download the smart home – a smart speaker, smart bulbs and smart plugs – to steal. You can also save on the more advanced smart devices, including a smart lock, doorbell and thermostat. (See our complete Holiday Gift Guide here.)

Whether you’re ready to upgrade your own home or want to give someone a smart home, start here with $ 1

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The Smart Home Essentials: $ 110 total


Amazon Echo Dot is for sale for $ 25.


Smart Speaker: $ 25

If you’re loyal to Amazon, or love Google, you can get a smart $ 25 speaker.

The new Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) is sold for $ 24 on Amazon this Black Friday down from $ 50. This new Echo Dot came out in October, so this is a lot of something new.

The Google Home Mini Speaker is available for $ 25 (down from $ 50) at many retailers, but the best place to buy is the Lowes. There you get a free GE C-Life lamp with your purchase. The bulb works with the speaker right out of the box, no hub is required.

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LiFX lights are $ 40 each on Black Friday. 19659007] Row Crist / CNET

Smart Bulbs: $ 80

Even if you collect the Google Home Mini with a GE lamp bundle you should still get some more bulbs.

I know that $ 80 for incandescent lamps seems steep, but it will last you years. Starting at 5 pm On Thanksgiving Day you can get a LiFX Multicolor Wi-Fi Smart Bulb for $ 40 each ($ 20 off) . These lights do not require a hub and connect to both Alexa and Google Assistant.

I recommend that you start with two lamps – one for your entrance and one for your bedroom. The input light can turn on when you get home so you will never fumble with your keys and the bedroom lamp can act as a Noise Alarm Clock .

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 amazon smart plug-amazon event-2018-3 "data-original =" 18f7c6f7-67dd-4d05 -ad68-90ae2b80e554 / amazon-smart-plug-amazon-event-2018-3.jpg

 Amazon smart plug-amazon event-2018-3

Amazon Smart Plug is only $ 5 with the purchase of one Echo speakers.

Ben Fox Rubin / CNET

Smart plug: $ 5

If you buy Amazon Amazon Echo ($ 100 on Amazon) Amazon speakers, you should definitely also get a Amazon Smart Plug for $ 5 ]. It only works with Alexa, which is great if you buy an Echo speaker (which has Alexa on board), but it’s the best deal you’ll find on a smart plug.

Another good store is 2-pack TP-Link Casa Plugs for $ 23 total. It’s a saving of $ 17, and these plugs work with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Additional credit: $ 360 total

 August-lock-third-gen-produc-photos-1 "data-original =" 09/18/80ab4116-9c7f-43d5-b7d4-73d03b68c07b/august-lock-third-gen-produc-photos-1.jpg


The August Smart Lock is $ 30 discount on Black Friday.

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

Smart Lock / Deadbolt: $ 120

One of our favorite smart locks, August Smart Lock is sold on the August website this Black Friday for $ 120, a saving of $ 30.

It fits your existing deadbolt and lets you lock and unlock your door remotely from anywhere in the world. Even better, it will unlock as you and your phone come home and lock when you leave.

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 ring-door-pro-2 "data-original =" Doorbell-Pro-2.jpg


You can get a Ring Doorbell 2 for $ 140.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Smart Doorbell: $ 140

While you’re on it, add even more security to your front door with a video doorbell. Best Buy Sells Call Doorbell 2, plus an Amazon Echo Dot for $ 140 . The two together at full price would cost you $ 250.

Even if you have already purchased an Echo Dot, an additional benefit will be in the kitchen bedroom and also the bathroom .

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 nest-e-1 "data-original =" -1.jpg


Nest E is for sale for $ 100.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Smart Thermostat: $ 100

Nest Thermostats are popular because they take all the guesswork to keep your house comfortable while saving money. The budget-friendly Nest Thermostat E is sold for $ 99 ($ ​​70 off) on Dell’s website.

Looking for more smart home? Check out our favorite Black Friday smart home sales in the slideshow below.

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