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Lumberton Amber Alert: 13-year-old Hania Noelia Aguilar was kidnapped outside family home; The FBI offers $ 15K reward

LUMBERTON, NC – Police and the FBI have gone on a second day to look for a 13 year old…


Police and the FBI have gone on a second day to look for a 13 year old girl who was cleaned from her farm in Lumberton, North Carolina.

The FBI is now

Hania is about 5 meters long and 126 pounds

Hania is about 5 meters long and 126 pounds

19659005] She was taken in a green 2002 Ford Expedition with South Carolina roof NWS984

  • ] She has black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen in a blue shirt with flowers and blue jeans
  • Call (910) 671-3845 if you see her

In a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, an FBI agent read this message from Hania’s mother to her daughter: ” I just want my daughter back with me, I’m waiting for you, I love you and just care about you. I have nothing against the one who did this for you. I just want you back. “

Watch: Lumberton Police, FBI officials give Tuesday update if missing teenager

An Amber Alert has been issued. Officials have also set up a special hint for information about her disappearance. The tipping line is (91

0) 272-5871

The removal happened just before 7 at Rosewood Mobile Home Park off East Elizabethtown Road while Hania was waiting for school.

] The FBI said Monday night that investigators follow up to about 50 leaders and a number of Spanish-speaking agents assist in the search.

The police said that the eighth grade had taken his aunt’s keys to start the vehicle to prepare to go to the bus stop.

Witnesses said the man had a yellow bandana over her face, so they did not get a good look at him.

They said he grabbed Hania and forced her into her relatives – a green 2002 Ford Expedition with the South Carolina brand NWS984.

The FBI also said that the color of the bonnet is peeling and there is a Clemson sticker on the rear window.

The 911 call came in from a neighbor when a relative ran over for help. The female caller spoke Spanish, so the sender requested a translator to join the conversation.

Initial reports described the abductor as a black man. During follow-up interviews, the investigators decided that the witness had not seen the abductor’s race because he wore all blacks, including long sleeves and a yellow bandana over his face.

“I want him to remember that he is a son, he has a mother, probably sisters,” said family member Maria Bonilla on Monday. “For him to have a heart. To put his hand on his heart and think of his family if someone would take his mother, sisters or family member. That’s all.”

“Our biggest concern right now is to get this young lady back to her family,” said Lumberton police chief Michael McNeill during a press conference.

This makes me hold my gun a little closer, says neighbor Keith Bellamy. by the simple fact that I have my wife, my children and family with me. And that makes me very uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable, I have an extra security film around my wife around my house. “

Hania is about 5 meters tall and 126 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes. Last seen she was wearing a blue shirt with flowers and blue jeans.

If anyone sees Hania or the vehicle, please contact Sgt. Pete Locklear at Lumberton Police Department (910) 671-3845 Immediately.

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