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Luke Walton of Los Angeles Lakers trumpets foul disparity – “It's not right”

October 23, 2018 Sports 0 Views LOS ANGELES – He could not keep his tongue anymore, an appreciated Luke Walton…

LOS ANGELES – He could not keep his tongue anymore, an appreciated Luke Walton ripped the official for what he believed were several missed calls on Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James.

After the Lakers dropped to 0-3 to start the season after a 143-142 defeat for San Antonio Spurs, the steamed coach opened his postgame news conference with comments about the official so far this season.

“Let me start here … I would not say anything. I would save my money, but I can not go anymore,” said Walton. “It is [74] pointing the color [by the Lakers] to 50, [and yet] ] again they throw us away from the free throw line – 38 free throws [to 26 by the Lakers]. Look at the game where I got a technical foul. See what happened to LeBron James’s arm. It is the same as James Harden and Chris Paul [drew fouls on and] shot 30 free throws on us the night before. … We make 70 points a night. In the color. “

Added Walton:” Watch how Josh Hart is playing this game, he played 40 minutes tonight. All he does is to attack the rim. Some free throws tonight. Zero, so it does not matter to me. I know they are young, I get it. But if we are to play in a certain way, let’s not reward people to float 30 meters from the hole at stake that has nothing to do with that possession. They’re just hovering to see if they’re having a hot conversation. Do not reward players who physically go to the basket and hit. That is not right. “

  • Spurs and Lakers lived in 53 minutes, but it was Patt y Mills – not LeBron James – who played the hero ball in the last seconds.

  • Patty Mills hit a go-ahead jumper with 6.8 seconds left and San Antonio Spurs kept the Los Angeles Lakers winless with LeBron James, rallying from a half-point deficit in the last minute of overtime for a wild 143-142 victory on Monday night.

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Walton’s frustration has steadily built since the beginning of the offense when the Lakers had difficulty adapting to the new “training points” or points of emphasis from the officials about free movement around the perimeter and the post. NBA wants to reduce “arm wraps, gripping and dislodging of both offensive and defensive players.”

Lakers were Visibly frustrated by what they believed was lack of conversation with Spurs after several players drove the track and were convinced they fouled. The Lakers think they were more aggressive and attacking team after I have scrubbed Spurs 74-50 in the color.

LaMarcus Aldridge (37 points) and DeMar DeRozan (32 points) went to the line combined 27 times, one more than the entire Lakers team. It was the second straight game as the Lakers saw that a couple of All Stars went to the line more than their entire team.

During the 124-115 loss on Saturday to Houston, Lakers Rocket’s shot saw 30 free throws with Harden and Paul combines to go the line a total of 24 times. The Lakers team shot a total of 18 free throws. During that loss, the Lakers Rockets 68-52 exceeded the color.

Many times on Monday night, James – who ended 32 points, 14 assisted and eight rebounds – incredibly raised his arms in the air and asked in frustration where the error was when he felt he met inside the color of several devices.

“Umm, I mean it’s” nothing “, James answered when asked about the service.” Nothing. “

James went to the line 11 times but missed two free throws with 12.8 seconds left with Lakers clinging

James later acknowledged that it was difficult to learn the new important points.

“It’s only difficult with the new rule changes.” It’s only difficult with the new rule changes. Do not touch anyone – you can, you can touch someone defensively, “James said sarcastically.” You just can not. “There is nothing [you can do]. We do not know. We try to figure it out. But every time we are on the defensive end especially in the third quarter, we just continued to put them to the free throw line. But we have to try to figure it out because it only gives teams for many easy opportunities to just get up there and hit down free throws. “

The Lakers played without starting Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram after the two were interrupted for their roles in close proximity to Paul and Rockets. During that loss, the Lakers were frustrated with some of the conversations, especially Ingram. Third year, Harden shook and started jawing with official Jason Phillips moments before a fist figure struck between Paul and Rondo.

Before the gossip, the Lakers felt that the excitement was built after they thought Houston James Ennis III dressed Hart and received a flagrant 1 foul.

During the Lakers season opening loss in Portland, Walton’s team went 29 times, corresponding to Blazers. But the Lakers felt they were the more aggressive team who featured Portland 70-56 in the color. Towards San Antonio, Walton ran out on the floor and yelled at an official after knowing that James had fouled on a run on the track. James ended losing the ball for a turnover without a call with just over seven minutes left in the second quarter.

Hart, who had 20 points and 10 rebounds, said it was “always frustrating” to drive to the rim and not conversation. But last year’s guard said the Lakers players did not want to react negatively and injured.

“I do not want to lose money,” says center JaVale McGee, who fouled at the beginning overtime. “Anything [Walton] said, I cosign it. Does it mean I’m losing money? Do not hope.”

Walton does not doubt the Lakers commit their share of personal misconduct because they average 25.3 errors through three matches. But he wants to see that opponents are whistled as well.

“We are fouling, something of ours is our fault,” said Walton. “We will continue to get better at it.”

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