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Lower the price of the Huawei P20. More than 100 euros discount


Today if we want to buy a smartphone at the time of its launch we have to pay a large sum of money, but if we wait a bit we can save enough euros when buying the best in the market. Proof of this are the almost 200 euros discount on the Huawei P20 Pro that we showed a couple of days ago, or the ferta on the Huawei P20 that we just found today at Amazon.

Both phones were officially presented just a month ago, but you can find more than succulent discounts at Amazon and other online stores. This time the offer is just as attractive for those looking for a flagship as for those who require a large storage space, because the reduction in the price of the Huawei P20 refers to a model that has a capacity of 128 GB .

Offer Huawei P20 128 GB storage

He Huawei P20 It is available in a 128GB internal memory version. However, the company can expand its capacity through external micro SD cards up to 256 GB. These features make it one of the best smartphones that you will find anywhere in the Network for a price close to 500 euros.

Lower the price of the Huawei P20. More than 100 euros discount

Buy Huawei P20 on Amazon with discount

And is that the top of Huawei range has an official price of 649 euros, but right now you can find it on Amazon for 530 euros, that is, with 119 euros in price reduction. Also, free device shipping so you will not find unpleasant surprises when confirming the purchase of the Huawei P20 in the online store That yes, it depends on when you enter this article its price may vary, so check the final cost of the mobile before closing the purchase.

From the best of Huawei

While the Huawei P20 Pro adds 2 GB more memory and a third camera sensor, the Huawei P20 on offer on Amazon has a CPU Kirin 970 , as well as 4GB of RAM and Android 8.1 Oreo as operating system. The reduction in the price of the Huawei P20 allows you to take home for less money a mobile that is completed with a battery of 3,400 mAg with technology of fast charge as well as a camera composed of a Leica Dual module of 20 MP Monochrome with aperture f / 1.6 and another of 12 MP with aperture f / .18.