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Los Angeles Lakers respond to angry Luke Walton with the first season's win

October 25, 2018 Sports 1 Views PHOENIX – After an angry Luke Walton did not hold back on the team's…

PHOENIX – After an angry Luke Walton did not hold back on the team’s poor defense at the morning team, Los Angeles replied to the Lakers on his coach and traveled a dominant second quarter to his first victory in the season.

“We could feel angry,” Lance Stephenson told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin about Walton’s disposition during the morning meeting at the team hotel. “We had to get it W.”

LeBron James won his first victory as a Laker and helped stop a three-match loss strike with a close triple of 19 points, 10 assists and seven rebounds in the Lakers’ 131-111 win over the Phoenix Suns.

“It feels good, it’s a win period,” said James, who stayed in the fourth quarter with Lakers up as much as 27. “But it feels good for us to know what we’ve done over the training camp [and] in these first games to keep getting better. “

” We are very talented offensive, “added James. “But I think it will always start with our defense.”

Lance Stephenson said that Lakers “could feel” the wrath of Luke Walton before Wednesday’s game. “We had to get it W.” Brad Mills / USA TODAY Sports

Seven Lakers ended in double figures like Los Angeles overwhelmed the 44-24 in the second quarter, even though they played without interrupted starters Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram. Lakers defense, which had delivered an average of 131.6 points in the first three games forced nine of the Sun’s 20 tournaments for 15 points in the second quarter.

Stephenson – who was the key to the victory after coming close to a triple double with 23 points, eight assistances and eight rebounds – said Walton earned a help for Laker’s defensive focus and increased communication.

“We spoke a lot about defense,” said Stephenson, who gave the Lakers a spark with eight points and 4 to 4 shots from the field during the second quarter. “We saw a lot of movies yesterday and today, and Coach was very angry at us and he came over us for our defense and talks about D at the defensive end and is very selfless. So I mean we took care of business tonight.” [19659002] Questioned how annoying Walton was at the morning meeting at the team hotel, Stephenson replied, “Oh, he was angry.”

“He came in today very angryly, calling us, he told us that” you have to lock in defending and playing unselfish basketball and getting a W. “

  • Lakers coach Luke Walton ripped into the officials after LA overtime loss to Spurs on Monday. LeBron James was unbelievable several times during the match, which failed after he felt he was beaten the color.

  • Sun’s star Devin Booker left in the third quarter Wednesday’s loss for the Lakers with a left hamstrings team.

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Walton was furious with the official on Monday night after the Lakers dropped a 143 -142 overtime loss at home to San Antonio Spurs. Walton criticized officials for what he and Lakers felt were several missed calls, and were fined $ 15,000 by the NBA on Wednesday.

On Wednesday night, for the first time this season, Lakers went on several times in a game than their opponent, shooting 23 free throws to the sun 21. They went into the game focused on reducing their fouling, defending, rebounding and dividing the ball .

JaVale McGee also continued to exceed expectations, send out his best game as a Laker with 20 points, six rebounds and four blocks in 25 minutes. McGee fought with the overall elector Deander Ayton, who had 22 points, 11 rebounds and three blocks for Phoenix, which lost Devin Booker to a strained hamstring late in the third quarter.

With four matches, McGee is on average 16.2 points, seven rebounds and 3.2 blocks in 24 minutes, and he made clear afterwards that he can play more and is not limited by his asthma state.

“This is what I want to say about asthma,” said McGee when he asked about it after the match. “Stop taking it as if I’m out of my mind and have asthma attacks. I’ve never had asthma attacks in my life. I feel so reduced my values ​​as a basketball player.”

“People say” Oh, he can only play 20 minutes because he has asthma. “No, there are a lot of people with asthma in the league. I feel like someone stamped to apologize,” Cool, we can play him for a minute because he has asthma. “”

McGee, who does not mean more than 18 , 1 minute per game during his previous six seasons, believes that the story that he must play in shorter points due to asthma came when he spent three seasons in Denver from 2012 to 2015.

“Probably Denver due to height” said McGee. “Anybody has a problem breathing in Denver.” [19659002] “They have asthma medicine,” he added. “There’s a reason I’m taking it, so I do not have asthma when I take my asthma medicine.”

Lakersna (1-3) Seems To Be Together Los Angeles will still be without Rondo, who earns a trespel, and Ingram, deferred for four games, for their roles in a match with Chris Paul and Houston Rockets on Saturday.

“I do not think people have watched the first three games we played. We played against playoff teams,” said McGee, who also hit his first 3 pointer since the 2012 13th season and others Overall of his career. “Big playoffs too.

” So we’ll just be together for a few months, I feel like we’re jellings very good. When we come to the threshold of greatness that we can be on, I feel like we will be unstoppable. “

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