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Los Angeles Lakers fall late again; Luke Walton quotes frustration

October 30, 2018 Sports 1 Views MINNEAPOLIS – Having fallen 124-120 to Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday to finish a 0-2…

MINNEAPOLIS – Having fallen 124-120 to Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday to finish a 0-2 journey, Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton acknowledged that his team’s early seasonal halls take a toll.

“There is apparently frustration that accompanies it,” said Walton after his team failed to protect fourth quarter lead and dropped to 2-5 in the season. “I do not know what the level [of frustration] is, but it will be a tough flight home.”

“But, as I said to our boys, nobody feels sorry for us. It’s up to us to figure it out and start winning some of these close games. And we will. I can promise you that. We will start winning some of these. But right now we are taking a couple of lumps in the meantime. “

LA is 0-3 in games determined by five or fewer points after having gone 1

1-11 in such competitions last season before the country’s biggest prize for the NBB off season in LeBron James. The Monday led the four-time MVP Lakers in points 29, rebounds (10) and assists (7), but also had a high five rounds, including one with 1 minute, 43 seconds left when losing control of his dribbling and LA demanded a backright violation.

  • Jimmy Butler scored 32 points and was a perfect 5-in-5 behind the 3-point arc in the fourth quarter, marked by a 26-footer with 19.7 seconds left to raise Minnesota and effectively buried LeBron James and Lakers.

  • Jimmy Butler beat five of Minnesota’s eight 3 pointers in the fourth quarter to end 32 points and help the Timberwolves to hang on to beat LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers 124-120 on Monday evening.

  • LeBron James sarcastic response to a tweeted NBC Sports- commercials with Michael Jo The ridding to resolve the GAT debate should go a long way towards touching the pot.

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James echoed Walton’s disappointment.

“Well, we must get better,” he said. “We know it. We’re talking about patience, but we can not [a] return with the same thing… Do the same thing over and over and over and wait for another result, you know it’s madness. better. We can not only have the same mistakes over and over again. “

Against the Wolves, these mistakes occurred in the form of contamination (Lakers whistled 24 mistakes to Minnesota 14, which led to a 30-15 difference in free throw) and in failure to crash the glass (LA allowed 20 offensive returns and was on board 51-48 in total).

“I mean it’s the same story,” said Walton. “We need to get better on the little things, and one of those things is to pay attention to details, according to game plans. The game schedule tonight: Keep them away from the free throw and defensive rebounding. And they hurt us with both.”

The Lakers also had 18 turnover, leading to 17 points for the Wolves, something Rajon Rondo attributed his team of convincing things.

“We just do not make the right discs at the right time,” Rondo said, as his team was outscored 21-15 in fast-break points, partly because of its poor decision making when it had numbers. “I think we try to beat home runs when we just need to do singles.”

L.A.. also played its fourth start line in seven games, leading to rotations that did not always flow smoothly.

“Whatever role or whatever guys come in, we just have to be ready to go,” Rondo said. “As a team in common, we do not do things, we are not on the same side. We are picking up pick-and-roll coverage. We are raising boxout missions. So we have to make intangible assets and come up with a better mindset.” [19659002] Rondo had 13 points on 6 to 9 shots and eight helped to back up Lonzo Ball, who fought for the second straight game with just four points on 2-for-6 shooting and a help. LA was outscored with 11 points with ball on court Monday and has now surpassed 44 points with ball on court this season, the worst plus-minus for any Lakers player, according to ESPN Stats & Information Research.

“I’m just not working with my job,” says Ball.

Part of James’s job with this young group is to lead with examples as players try to find their feet. He walked out of the locker room and held a copy of the book “Leadership: In Turbulent Times” by Doris Kearns Goodwin, the same book, Lakers Secretary General Rob Pelinka, read during the training camp.

Before James asked what his leadership looks like when his patience disappears.

“You do not want to be around when my patience expires, “James said.” I’m serious. “

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