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Looking for ways to enhance your fitness? Try Aerobics!!

Aerobics is a sport that depends mainly on generating energy and the use of oxygen the body requires to generate…

Aerobics is a sport that depends mainly on generating energy and the use of oxygen the body requires to generate such energy.
The concept of aerobics began in 1960, after many studies proved its benefits for fitness, health, strength and cardiovascular health; Aerobics is a set of exercises done back to back rapidly and accompanied by fast noiseless music that gives the feeling of dancing or moving to the rhythm.

Generally, aerobics can be classified into two categories

The first category

Known as light pressure and its main features are; The lack of running and jumping and the lack of movement variety, and feet are usually fixed on the floor through it.

The second category

Known as heavy pressure; Like practicing on the big ball, stairs, or even practicing boxing on a boxing sand bag, Taekwondo and other martial arts.

Aerobics have a big effect on fitness; And up next are the most noteworthy changes that occur when practicing it constantly

  • First of all, the heart muscle becomes stronger and bumps blood more efficiently, which in turn enhances the blood circulation; The body muscles become more oxygen-efficient due to the increase in their activity and circulation. Imagine that there are 100 molecules of oxygen in a muscle, your fitness will double if that muscle uses the 100 molecules instead of just 50; Which will give you a smoother quicker movement, more activity and more flexibility.
  • The quantity and activity of the mitochondria in the muscle will increase; Mitochondria are the living cell’s power generator and they do all the hard work to keep you moving; For in addition to burning the fat and carbohydrates stored in your body using oxygen, mitochondria quantity increases by 50% when practicing aerobics on a daily basis for a few weeks; And all of that will help increase your stamina and fitness greatly.
  • During aerobics; The big muscles in the arms, legs, and hips move sequentially. Aerobics stamina is also known as cardiovascular stamina due to its massive ability to generate energy for the heart, blood vessels and lungs.
  • The small attires expand when practicing aerobics; Which in turn enhances cells income of oxygen and their disposal of toxins.
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