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Long Island weather: Sunny, cool before the eve of the easter

Thursday brings sunny clouds on Long Island as the day is warming up to the low 50s, forecasters said before…

Thursday brings sunny clouds on Long Island as the day is warming up to the low 50s, forecasters said before Friday begins to show signs of an imminent norse’s easter.

For Thursday, temperatures will be below normal again, “said News 12 Long Island meteorologist Rich Hoffman.

As of 10 o’clock, Long Island reported MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma 48 degrees, with winds from the northwest at 15 mph, wind power to 22 mph.

Early morning Friday will see temperatures dip until the mid 30’s, with frost counseling for eastern Suffolk County from 3 am to 9 am, because sensitive outdoor vegetation can be damaged if not protected, said the weather service.

Friday leads to high in the mid 50’s as clouds rise before the storm is approaching from the south, said the weather service. The first of the rain is expected to enter the picture on Friday night, with the effects of the storm mostly on Saturday.

“The heaviest rain and strongest winds will be in the morning until afternoon” on Saturday, Hoffman said. 19659013] The risk of rain is 100 percent, with thunderstorms possible after dinner, some of which may result in heavy rainfall, says the weather service.

Long Island can see 1 to 3 inches of rain, which can cause street flood, Hoffman said. Winds of 30 to 40 mph will be from east / northeast, with some winds as high as 50 mph.

For eastern Suffolk County, strong winds are forecast from east on Saturday morning and early afternoon, the weather service predicted in a dangerous weather report. Waves over 50 mph are expected, with over 60 mph possible.

A crazy bell is in effect from late night Friday to Saturday afternoon for Atlantic Coast water.

Isolated power outages can depend on trees and branches a combination of winds and already saturated ground, said the weather service in a briefing late afternoon Wednesday.

Surplus from the storm can lead to moderate coastal currents for beaches in Nassau and Western Suffolk counties during the high tide cycle late morning Saturday to early afternoon, the weather service said.

Hoffman expected “some improvements in the weather late in the day” Saturday.

There is a great surfing along the seashore, as well as widespread, smaller coastal waters. a chance to rain Sunday and Monday too. Both days should have high in the 50’s.

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