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Lloyd Russell-Moyle: MP announces in Commons that he is HIV-positive

Media Playback Not Supported on Your Device Media Coding Lloyd Russell-Moyle Invited Ministers to Review Cuts to Sexual Health Commissions…

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Media Coding Lloyd Russell-Moyle Invited Ministers to Review Cuts to Sexual Health Commissions

An MP has revealed that he is HIV positive during a public debate on public health.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Brighton Kemptown’s Labor Party, is the first MP to reveal his HIV status in Commons and the other reveals that he lives with the condition.

He said he felt compelled to talk about a question that hit him personally.

Mr Russell-Moyle urged ministers to review cuts to sexual health budgets.

He told the municipalities to mark 1

0 years after becoming HIV positive [19659004] Knowing that he had the virus was a “real shock” but it was “not the end of the world, although it may feel so long in a few seconds, “says Russell-Moyle, 32.

It has been a long journey, from fear of acceptance, and from today’s lustfulness, knowing my business keeps me healthy and that protects any partner I have.”

He added: “I finally wanted to stand in this place and tell everyone living there with HIV that their status does not define them.

“We can be the one we want to be and those who have not been tested, maybe because I’m afraid of fear, I say it’s better to live in knowledge than to die for fear.”

MP said he chose the time of his announcement to mark the 30th World AIDS Day, which is on Saturday.

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Mr Russell-Moyle said he would assure others that people are HIV positive did not define them

In 2005, Labor MP revealed Chris Smith in a newspaper that he had been HIV positive for 17 years, a few months before being assembled.

The former director of work “had been very supportive,” Mr. Russell -Moyle added.

Ian Green, Head of Sexual Health Charity Terrence Higgins Trust, said Russell-Moyle announced “doing much to normalize HIV in general minds” and would help deal with stigma associated with the virus.

Worker Jeremy Corbyn praised MP’s “brilliant and historical” speech.

He said, “I’m very grateful that he mentioned my good friend Chris Smith, who very briefly told the world in 1984 that he was gay and proud of it and we are proud of Chris to do that.” [19659004] During the debate, Russell-Moyle said he thought the country was on a “real crossing” about where to go with HIV.

He said: “We really begin to see the tools in our hands to eliminate HIV, start really reducing HIV I nfections.”

“At the same time, the government begins to reduce gender health budgets.”

Mr. Russell-Moyle added: “We have the tools, but we seem to be in the wrong direction. “

Health professor Steve Brine described the speech as” incredible “and” courageous. “

He said the treatment and attitudes about HIV had developed and added:” We can be very proud government record over many, many years and of course all parties. “

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