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Lions loss sheet Kelly Stafford defends her husband and Matt Patricia who are fighting for answers

Photo: Adam Bettcher (Getty) Detroit Lions is not the worst team in NFL. Their 3-5 records have them out of…

Photo: Adam Bettcher (Getty)

Detroit Lions is not the worst team in NFL. Their 3-5 records have them out of the playoffs but also from the league’s backing. Their point difference, but not so good at -30, is only fifth in the NFC, and it’s much more respectable than Buffalo’s -145 or Oakland -111. Most importantly, the Lions have not yet been called this week’s Ass Team. But the somewhat more melodramatic games of teams like bills, raiders, cardinals and giants really detract from the hook for what slowly deteriorates in a disaster of a season.

After an uneven start of the campaign on a Monday night against the jets and a stupid game they should have won in San Francisco, the lions spent a couple of weeks and gave their fans the opportunity for optimism. In week 3, the Primitive Patriots left for a really shocking first win and despite a close loss in Dallas the following week, the Lion traveled a Mason Crosby chokefest to a victory against the Packers and then hit the dolphins on the way to 3-3. Not terrible.

In the past two weeks, however, it is all apart. The Lions got steamrolled by Seattle last weekend to fall below .500, and Sunday against the Vikings was just an endless humiliation for Matthew Stafford, who was dismissed 10 times on his way to a 24-9 loss. Halfway through the season, the lion seems to be miles after the 5-3-1 folds, which currently holds the last NFC wildcard slot. Everyone around the organization is quite astonished, from players like Graham Glasgow to spouses like Kelly Stafford, a reliably passionate supporter of Matthew who took this short moment to fire an attack on his critics.

There is nothing particularly wrong about a wife who aggressively defends her husband from people whom I probably assume to be a sorcerer, but let’s talk about Matthew for a moment , even though he is not the biggest problem in his lion, his game is definitely one of his problems.

Stafford’s completely worthless offensive line obviously deserves much debt for the loss on Sunday, but Detroit’s highest paid player must also wear more of the load. As he hit back under heavy pressure, Stafford’s game on Sunday was somehow risky and wrong, especially at a crucial mid-fourth quarter with his team down 11. On a third down Stafford badly trampled Kenny Golladay for what could have been a big end, and when the special team bailed him out with a fake point, he proceeded to throw the game away on a pitch The height of the Vikings returned to the house. Between the O-Line, mediocre statistics and a short-pass transfer, Stafford employed someone who prematurely ages him to today’s Eli Manning. [19659000] 19659003] Even after trading out Golden Tate-maybe the team’s funniest player-this Lions roster is not a complete wilderness in line with Cardinals or Niners. As head coach Matt Patricia pointed out today, their problems are not as profound as some of NFL’s worst.

But then who is to blame for the shortcomings? There have only been eight matches, but it does not feel like being too much of a stretch to say that Matt Patricia may suck like a head coach and it’s really just proof of the incompetence of Jon Gruden’s Shitshow in California that he has not Several teams have apparently been able to steal Lions offensive signals this season, Patricia snatching reporters on the finest grounds and his team is well on its way to finish worse than the 9-7 that got Jim Caldwell fired at the end of last year. Apart from the platforms of performance, Patricia’s opening declaration today presented a proper quote from the over-matched coach’s handbook:

I thought we had a good week’s training. I thought we were ready, ready to go. We just did not show on Sunday enough.

It’s possible that the lions will never ever stop being lions.

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