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Lion Air crashed jet, possibly in Java Sea

killed the 2-month-old Boeing planet in the Java Sea on Monday just minutes after starting from Jakarta and killing all…

 19659008] Jakarta, Indonesia - A massive search effort has identified the possible offshore site of the crashed Lion Air jet, said Indonesia's military chief on Wednesday. As experts, the cruel task of identifying dozens of body parts recovered from a 15 nautical mile zone </p> <p class= killed the 2-month-old Boeing planet in the Java Sea on Monday just minutes after starting from Jakarta and killing all 189 people aboard.

“Based on the presentation of the head of the National Search and Rescue Agency, the coordinates of the suspected body of the aircraft have been found. We will send a team there to confirm,” said armed forces Hadi Tjahjanto.

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The disaster has restored concern about the security of Indonesia’s fast-growing airline industry, recently removed from EU and US black lists, and also questioned the security of Boeing’s new generation 737 MAX 8 plan.

Boeing Co Experts are expected to arrive Indonesia on Wednesday and Lion Air has said that an “intensive” internal investigation is ongoing in addition to the probe of security regulators.

Locating the vessel will lead the searcher closer to finding the aircraft’s airplane, which is crucial for the accident investigation.

Flight tracking information shows that the plane had uneven speed and height in the early minutes of a flight on Sunday and on the mortal flight of Mond ay. Security experts, however, warn that the data must be checked for accuracy against the planet’s “black boxes”, which officials are convinced they will be recovered.

Passengers on Sunday flights from Bali to Jakarta have reported problems that include a prolonged delayed start for motor control and scary descent during the first 10 minutes of the air.


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Officials said that uninterrupted search effort has sent 48 body bags containing human remains to police identification experts.

Angued family members have submitted samples for DNA testing and the police say the results are expected within 4-8 days.

Daniel Putut, a director of Lion Air, said the airline and Boeing will meet Wednesday afternoon.

“There are lots of things we will ask them, we have all the questions here, why? What about the new planet, he said.

The Indonesia Ministry of Transport has ordered that all Boeing 737 MAX 8 plans operated by Lion Air and national carrier Garuda to be inspected.

Boeing refused to comment on potential inspections globally.

The aircraft manufacturer told the airlines in a bulletin, “Boeing has no recommended operator actions at this time”, according to two people familiar with

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