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Lineage OS apologizes for the unpleasant joke they spent on April Fool’s Day

If there is something that we like many Android users, or at least those who have phones that do not…

If there is something that we like many Android users, or at least those who have phones that do not hurt, is the world of ROMs. Yes, we are in 2018, and many mobiles do not need it, but to the majority of the middle and low range, in general, small optimizations always help them.

If you are – or have been – fond of this kind of thing, you will know that some time ago one of the best ROMs we could find was that of CyanogenMod. And if you remember that, you’ll remember that after a while, Cyanogen disappeared, and LineageOS took the witness.

Well, as we told you the other day, Lineage decided to spend an unpleasant joke on its users, and, in view of the discomfort that caused it, Lineage has decided to apologize to its users, let’s see it!

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Lineage apologizes to its users

On April 1 a celebration called “April’s Fools Day” takes place every year, something like the day of the innocents, in which it is tradition to spend some heavy joke – but without going over – to friends or family.

Well, that same day Lineage had the idea to spend a joke on all users who had installed their ROM on the smartphone. This consisted of a notification that read as follows:

This device is not certified and has not passed the validation. To avoid malicious use of device resources, the LOSCoins virtual currency will be mined in this terminal.


Obviously, this was a notification that pissed off enough to the users, that in addition to having to unblock the bootloader of their terminal and lose the guarantee thereof, They had to endure that the ROM in question they installed told them that their device is not validated and that cryptocurrency will be mined in it.

And, for that reason, Lineage wanted to apologize directly through its web to all the users who received the notice, since this was unpleasant and annoying. In addition to that, they promised “to do better next year”, and they again apologize for the poor decision-making in this regard. Which seems to us to have all the logic of the world. If you make a mistake, you have to apologize, at least.

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