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Lime “takes care of worries” about the safety of their scooters 1 NEWS NOW

October 25, 2018 Business 0 Views E-scooter company Lime says it's in discussions with NZTA, Auckland Transport and Christchurch City…

E-scooter company Lime says it’s in discussions with NZTA, Auckland Transport and Christchurch City Council to talk about the safety of their scooters.

Lime rolled out hundreds of electric motors on Auckland and Christchurch on October 15, and plans to add more.

The company said today they had recorded 40,186 unique riders after launch.

A number of ACC requirements have already been received both in Auckland and Christchurch from people who have injured themselves on the scooters and Auckland mayor Phil Goff this morning ordered an urgent safety report that would be produced about Lime scooters after Council Council Christine Fletcher almost was hit by someone who drove one.

Lime spokesman Hank Rowe said “to unlock a lime scooter for the first time, all riders must first conduct tutorial guidance that provides guidelines for helmet protection.”

Two injury injuries came with ACC the day after el ectronic scooter launched.
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“Users must follow all city and city laws as if they were driving their own cars, bikes or scooters while Lime’s scooters can reach 25km per hour, it’s up to the rider to estimate what speed is reasonably based on its environment.

“We take on issues raised about the safety of riders and pedestrians.”

“To handle these issues and increase the safety of our riders, Lime will host a Rider Safety Summit next week to educate users about the importance of responsible scooter use. “

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