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Light Phone 2: 300 dollars is the price to pay for living disconnected

Light Phone 2: 300 dollars is the price to pay for living disconnected

How many things can you do with your phone? If you stop to think about it, except the food, the bed and cleaning the house, the smartphone offers virtually unlimited possibilities. You can do everything: play, communicate, inform yourself, distract yourself, kill boredom, in short, invest your time in looking at a screen . We have already talked more than once about how, and the truth is that this, in its proper measure, does not necessarily have to be bad. Our life, for better or for worse, revolves around our smartphone , and although it is a lifestyle that has been imposed, not everyone is willing to assume it. For them, the.

We have already talked about Light, a company that, about three years ago, launched the Light Phone 1 on Indiegogo . This device, the size of a credit card, only allowed to call and receive calls, in addition to storing up to nine different contacts . His philosophy was to create a device that did not bother us and that did not waste our time unnecessarily, although the Light Phone 1 was so, so, so basic that bordering on the absurd. The Light Phone 2 picks up the glove and takes it one step further , adding some features that are far from the high-end Android but that accurately reflect the concept of “Telephone to call and send messages”.

The new Light terminal has dimensions of 91 x 55 x 6.5 mm. Your screen is electronic ink and it only has two buttons (up and down) that serve to move through a minimalist interface. Account with 1 GB of RAM , 8 GB of storage and its processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 (Yes, it is a SoC developed for smartwatches), compatible with 4G, WiFi and GPS. All this is enhanced by LightOS (a modified version of Android) and a 500 mAh battery , enough to talk a few hours. Your connection is USB-C and the card is a Nano-SIM. There are no messaging apps, or social networks, or anything.

They are thinking of adding a music player, maps, voice commands and calculator or dictionary, but it is not yet definitive.

It will be released in April 2019 and its price will be about 300 dollars , more or less. To date, it has raised 1,659,163 dollars in Indiegogo, 616% of the original goal. It’s an interesting concept that people like, to the point that the first model came to the 10,000 units sold . Do you see yourself using this device? Tell us