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Lifespan for Americans down again, according to the CDC report

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) – In the United States, total life expectancy is down, according to a new report from…

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) – In the United States, total life expectancy is down, according to a new report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The decline is not the cause of any new widespread disease, rather the cause of something that can be prevented.

“Heart disease and cancer are one and two not uncommon, they have been one and two for a long time. However, inadvertent damage is the third leading cause of death and you can look at something we have experienced locally, I think about it the whole country, “said La Crosse County Health Department, Paula Silha Education Manager.

Inadvertent deaths from overdose and suicide.

More than 70,000 died of overdoses in the United States in 201

7, an increase of ten percent from the year before.

The suicide rates also increased by almost four percent.

“I think it just needs to be more emphasis on mental health so people are not afraid to talk.” Hi, I’m not afraid to ask for help. And I think funding is a problem, “says Mayo Clinic Health. System, the Franciscan Healthcare Clinical Therapist, Theresa Helgeson.

The life expectancy of Americans fell from 78.7 years to 78.6 years, and while it may not seem like a great autumn health care worker still says it’s an unfortunate sign.

I think it’s the first time since the 1920s and 30’s as we have seen a decrease in life expectancy. And I believe for our children that we want them to live to be 80, 90 and older and we want to pay attention to this, “says Silha.

In a statement, the CDC director Robert Redfield called the report “a wakeup call that we lose too many Americans, too early and too often”.

This is the second straight year that life has fallen.

Silha says she is dissuasive; she is hopeful that efforts for mental health and abuse in local communities like La Crosse can bring back the curve.

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