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Life's massacre: Robert Bowers is treated by Jewish staff at Allegheny General

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen on CNN. (Rosenberg, Eli) Eli Rosenberg General Mission Reports Covering National and Breaking News October 30 at…

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen on CNN. (Rosenberg, Eli)

The man accused of the brutal killings of 11 people in a synagogue in Pittsburgh was taken to hospital after he was arrested for the damage he suffered in a war with the police.

In the emergency room when he arrived, he shouted: “I want to kill all Jews,” according to hospital president.

If he only knew about the identity of the team to keep him alive: at least three of the doctors and nurses who cared for him at Allegheny General Hospital were Jewish, according to President Dr. Jeffrey K Cohen.

“We are here to care for sick people,” Cohen, who is a member of Life’s Tree Collection where the massacre happened, said in a television interview. “We are not here to judge you. We are not here to ask” Do you have insurance? “Or” Do not you have insurance? “We are here to take care of people who need our help.”

Cohens Simple and unapologic description of how Bowers came to be treated fairly and impartial by the people he probably hated has risen quickly around the world.

Perhaps it’s a sharp reminder that there is something more powerful than caring alone. Perhaps it was Cohns radical demonstration of humanity for a time more and more marked by naked partyisanship and tribalism. Anyway, tells the story; Cohen has been interviewed by CNN, UK Channel 4 News ABC and others.

“I thought it was important to talk at least with him and meet him,” Cohen told ABC. “One can not say, on the one hand, that we should talk to each other, and then I do not talk to him. So you lead by example, and I am a hospital leader.”

Boren’s injuries are not immediately resolved, even though he said on Monday appeared in court. Cohen, referring to the patient’s privacy laws, refused to provide specific information about Bower’s condition and treatment.

But Cohen told reporters that two of the practitioners who treated Bowers when he came to the hospital were Jewish: the emergency doctor and a nurse whose father is a rabbi.

“I’ll tell you I’m very proud of them,” he said about his staff. “They did a good job. They responded to the clock.”

He described talking to the nurse after the man treated Bowers. The two were in tears, Cohen said.

“He was quite broken,” Cohen told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. “I told him how proud I was. He went home and hugged his parents.”

Cohen is personally linked to the shot outside his role at the hospital. He lives so close to the synagogue in trees of life that he heard the shots when the massacre developed. He knew nine of the people killed, he told Tribune-Review.

Still, he did not stop him from checking in at Bowers to ask him if he was hurt. The man said he was good.

“He asked me who I was, I said” I’m Dr. Cohen, the hospital president, “said Cohen.” And I turned around and left. And the FBI agent who watched him said, “I do not know I could have done that.” “

Bowers, charged with 29 bills of federal crime against violence and firearm related crimes, can face death penalty if he is convicted. The massacre has drawn some unfortunate parallels with the murder of nine African Americans at a South Carolina church in 2015 The man, Dylann Roof, was motivated by a deep raging animus – something that Bowers seems to share with him.

Cohen’s calm was reminiscent of the Church’s actions after the massacre of the roof, with a part that talks about thanks during a tense hearing held just a few days after they pulled him. Cohen said he was inspired by the grace that the church had shown.

“I think sometime the anger will die, the process will develop and we may come to it point where we could do what they did, “he told Pittsburgh’s Action 4 News.” I hope they could learn. “

Cohen said he saw Bowers as a product and not the author of disturbance e problem: “All chaos that happens.”

“The gentlemen did not seem to be a member of human society,” he told CNN. “He is listening to the noise, he hears the sound, the sound telling him that his people were slaughtered. He thought it was time to get up and do something.” He is completely confused. “

Unfair conspiracy theories with anti-Semitic undertones have been circulated in right-wing media circles – bubble all the way to a prominent Fox News host and a Republican Congress food – that migrating caravan on the border was orchestrated by liberal groups and Jewish financier George Soros. Bowers had reposted several comments on a sedan-deactivated social media account about “third world caravan” approaching “invaders”.

Cohen saved his hard words for the people he said are responsible for the toxic climate in the country.

“It’s time for leaders to lead,” he said. “The words mean things. And the words cause people to do things like this and I think it’s scary.”

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