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Life is Strange will arrive on Android next month: you can now sign up on Google Play

Life is Strange will arrive on Android next month: you can now sign up on Google Play

Life is Strange , the successful graphic adventure developed by Square Enix and launched in 2015 for PC and consoles, will arrive to Android very soon . Next month of July, users of Google’s mobile operating system will be able to enjoy one of the most emotional and profound interactive adventures that we can find in the current terrain of video games, this time adapted to smartphones and tablets.

Today, the game is already available on Google Play , and all those who want to be notified about their arrival will only have to pre-register on the game page.

Life is Strange brings its five chapters to Android: it will be available in July

As confirmed by the developer company itself in a twit , the game will land on Google Play next July, including its five different chapters . While the game had been available on iOS for a couple of years, the creators say that the Android version will have an exclusivity, as is the support for external controllers.

For all those who do not know, Life is Strange is a graphic adventure , in which the main character, Max, has the ability to go back in time and change the past, the present and the future . In this way, by saving her best friend, Chloe, she will also realize the secrets hidden in the city in which both reside, Arcadia Bay.

What is unknown at the moment is the monetization system of the game. According to what we have seen in iOS, it is likely that Square Enix offers us the opportunity to try the first free chapter, although to continue advancing in the story you will have to go through the box when downloading the rest of the chapters that make up the game.

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