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LG's Dreaming Big in its patent for a 16-camera device

Telephones with two or more rear cameras are already quite widespread, but with its newly granted patent, LG is dreaming…

Telephones with two or more rear cameras are already quite widespread, but with its newly granted patent, LG is dreaming of something much more ambitious. This is because even though LG already has a V40 camera in five, the company can watch more than three times as many as 16.

A 16-camera phone draws instant comparisons with the L16 camera of the Light. L16’s multiple focal length lenses allow you to do things like adjusting the depth of field during finishing, creating composite images that consist of multiple exposures and taking photos with varying zoom levels without the need for additional lenses.

Unfortunately, in the case of Light L1

6, the specialized software needed to edit the images together with the $ 2,000 price list made it difficult to sell to professionals who often found that the device is still too limited, and It drove out ordinary people who did not want to be bogged with a second device that is hard to use and does not provide enough an image quality upgrade.

One thing that the LG 16 camera device can be used for is to capture different angles on a subject without having to reposition their cameras. Image: LG (USPTO)

Lightweight ability to put so many cameras into a device that is not much larger than a regular smartphone, and actually does it at work, is something that has paved the way for smartphone companies like They continue to add more cameras to the back of their handsets.

In the case of LG’s patent, its 16 objective matrix would allow a device to take a multi-perspective photo to gather additional depth and 3D info. A 16-camera smartphone can use data from multiple cameras to fill in gaps in a photo that a single camera may have missed.

Image: LG (USPTO)

LG’s patent also indicates that a device with this type of camera arrangement can be used to create super detailed HDR images, or even to cut and paste topics from a part of the frame to another as a kind of facial swapping function on steroids.

And for those who regret the possibility of shooting souls with the many cameras, LG’s patent also describes the ability to add a mirror and a speaker on the back of the device to facilitate a wide range of possible uses.

To date, however, it is very hypothetical because it would be a huge step to go from the three rear cameras on the LG V40 all the way to 16. But with Nokia’s reputed 5-baked camera phone in the workplace, 16-rear cameras are probably not so far away.

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