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LFOs Brad Fischetti Breaks Silence on Devin Limas Death in Video

Brad Fischetti, the last living member of LFO, has broken his silence after the death of band member Devin Lima.…

Brad Fischetti, the last living member of LFO, has broken his silence after the death of band member Devin Lima.

“Harold” Devin & # 39; Lima went away early this morning after a tough fight with cancer, “Fischetti, 43, confirmed in the emotional video published on YouTube on Wednesday.” He will be very missed by many . “

“To me he was a brother. To his six children he was a dad, to his mother, a wonderful partner, the singer continued.” He was a son, a brother, a friend and loved by so many. He was an extraordinary talent and a beautiful man. “

” I will miss him and I will honor him and I know right now he stands in the presence of greatness in the midst of heaven and speaks to Jesus and says, “Hey beware of my friends,” he concluded. “That’s where I find peace.”

During the video, where musicians wear an LFO shirt and sit next to two pairs of Adidas sneakers &#821

1; apparently belonging to Lima and his second late bandmate Rich Cronin – Fischetti thanked the fans for their support and proceeding along an anecdote from Lima a few days before his passing.

“On behalf of the LFO family, thanks for the huge fatigue of love from friends, family, fans, the media and those in the music industry” he wrote. “A few days before he left, he said to me,” Bro, when it’s over, just tell me I disappeared. “My friends – Harold Devin & # 39; Lima has disappeared.”

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Lima died Wednesday at 41 years – about 13 months after he had an operation to remove a tumor in football size caused by stage four adrenal cancer.

At the Lima operation, Fischetti told fans on YouTube that “the surgery was great. The tumor was the size of a football. But [the surgery] were smooth, they did not have to take out any of the bodies they thought they should. “

The band first revealed Limas’s health record in previous YouTube video and explained that they hoped to announce the next leg of their Rich in Love tour, but instead had to postpone this message because of Lima’s” serious “health problems.

“I do not feel like there is any kind of cancer, I do not feel so. [It’s] just have to get out, Lima said.” The lesson is, it’s fun to be holistic and have positive vibes. I have cured a lot with my mind alone. But it’s good to have controls. It’s good to also have a doctor and get controls throughout your life. I could have noticed this before but the pain just kicked three weeks ago. And I tried different things to let it go away. It’s time to enter. Rich Cronin, Devin Lima and Brad Fischetti of LFO [title=”RichCroninDevinLimaandBradFischettiofLFO”/>

Rich Cronin, Devin Lima and Brad Fischetti of LFO

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About 10 days after the operation, Fischetti shared with fans like Lima diagnosed with “primary adrenal cancer, which meant it began in adrenaline, which is very rare. “

He began:” Devin asked me to give you this update without him, because he frankly did not feel well. But he asked me to send you his love and gratitude for all the love and prayers you have sent his way. He has had a hard recovery. He had some hard days at the hospital, but thankfully he is at home now and rests and heals. “

Fischetti continued:” I wish we had better news to share. It’s devastating news but at the same time nobody is feeling stronger than Devin Lima. No one has a stronger body, mind or soul. If anyone can defeat this is Devin. I know your prayers and your thoughts and your positive energy comes down, there is no doubt that he will hit it. Devin Lima and Brad Fischetti “/>

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