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Lenovo Z5 Pro is a cheaper timeline development

November 1, 2018 Technology 2 Views Until very recently, the slider was a thing of the past that was sent…

Until very recently, the slider was a thing of the past that was sent to history’s annals along with polyphonic ringtones and BlackBerry’s scroll wheel. Now, however, a resurgence resurrected by manufacturers, as they try to drive their devices higher and higher relative to each other. What started with popup cameras on phones like Oppo Find X has turned into phones where the entire screen slides down to reveal a camera. Xiaomi has Mi Mix 3, Honor has Magic 2, and now has Lenovo Z5 Pro (via Engadget ).

The great advantage of the Z5 Pro is the price starting at ¥ 1,998 (about $ 287) compared to Magic 2’s 3,799 ($ ​​545) or Mi Mix 3’s 3,299 ($ ​​475). The balance is specs: The Lenovo handset has a Snapdragon 71

0 chipset with midrange along with 6GB of RAM and a 3,350 mAh battery. The selfie camera (hidden from the sliding 1080p AMOLED screen when not in use) has a 16MP sensor, while the back of the device has a 16MP main camera flanked by a secondary 24MP camera. There is also a fingerprint sensor that appears as if this phone was not trendy, resulting in a body to body ratio of just over 95 percent.

Yes, these trends are probably a gimmick that will die faster than you can say pop-up selfie cameras, but there is something about tactility to shoot the screen that feels fun and retro in a way like smartphones have succeeded A release outside of China has not yet been confirmed for Z5 Pro, but we will be first in line if it is.

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