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Legal Marijuana: Michigan becomes the first state in the Midwest to allow recreational marijuana

In a new law that came into effect on Thursday, Michigan is now the first interstate state to legally allow…

In a new law that came into effect on Thursday, Michigan is now the first interstate state to legally allow recreational marijuana. It is the 10th state that legalizes leisure potholes.

It may take a year before Michigan begins licensing medical marijuana stores to sell to recreation users. Critics worry about waiting time can lead to high demand for the black market where there is no oversight, reports CBS News correspondent Nikki Battiste.

Stuart Carter showed us the products at his medical marijuana store in Detroit.

“We’ve got people to pop up. Unfortunately, we have to shut them down,” said Carter.

Carter said he is keen to sell recreational marijuana in the store, but the state requires stores to go through a long application process.

“They will not take applications for about a year, and then it will be the whitening process,” says Carter.

Although people have to wait to buy a recreational pot at the stores, the new law allows people 21

or older to keep 10 ounces in their homes and grow 12 marijuana plants for personal use.

“It will be the marijuana capital of America,” said Scott Greenlee, president of Healthy and Productive Michigan. He opposes Michigan’s high possession limit that allows people to carry up to 2.5 ounces. It is the largest recreational carrier in the country.

“It’s too much,” said Greenlee. “It will lead to a lot of crime as well. People will realize that this whole product is around. Our law enforcement society is very concerned about is all the marijuana in all these large quantities.”

The new team can be good news for low-level mining authorities. More than 20,000 people were arrested last year for marijuana possession or use that is now legal.

California legalized the use of recreational pot in 2016. Since then, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon has cleared over a thousand marriages of marijuana.

“It’s quite sincere that it can affect your ability to get employment,” Gascon said.

Less charges, as Gascon believes, can have a big impact.

“In some places it will affect your ability to get housing or get subsidized housing,” says Gascon. “It can affect your ability to enter military services.”

But Greenlee said that most low-level offenders did not face serious consequences.

“What is usually rejected is a ticket, a fine,” said Greenlee. “It’s about like … we’ll go over 15 miles above the speed limit. We’ll get a ticket, we’ll pay our ticket and continue.”

A county prosecutor in Michigan told CBS News that he has already dismissed 50 ongoing cases for misdemeanor marijuana prosecutors who are no longer illegal from Thursday. According to the new law, it is still illegal to use pot in general, at college and when driving.

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