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Legacies Recap: Season 1 Episode 5 – [Spoiler] Returns from the Dead

Even in a magical world, the choice does not always show their way. Some of Legacies "The finest learned this…

Even in a magical world, the choice does not always show their way. Some of Legacies “The finest learned this on Thursday when Alaric decided to form a student councilor – consisting of a representative from each supernatural faction – made the campus a political war zone.

A well-dressed Lizzie and very well-dressed MG ( just as Quincy Fouse predicted! ) were the undisputed frontrunners for their respective species, but it was a bit more difficult to turn on a leader of the commodities – not to anyone would be surprised at it. When Raphael’s Alpha made it clear that he would use his position to get Landon away from school, a struggle for domination followed. The challenge was given to Raphael and served him in place, but the other two vacant seats went to Caleb (!) And Josie (?!) And handed a run of gasps from the other students. And from me, to be honest.

Bounce also strongly armed her way in in the council &#821

1; to be fair, she is the only one of its kind – probably to make sure Landon is well-behaved but she surprised everyone at the meeting with her first move: “Landon must go.” Caleb agreed with (duh) and Rafael opposed (duuuh) and left the decision in Josie’s hands. She finally decided that it was in everyone’s best interest for Landon to stay away, send Rafael to a blind rage … and into Lizzie’s equally upset arms. (Say, not Rafael Kiss Josie last week? I do not suppose that can lead to more excitement between the sisters.)

Otherwise, Alaric and Dorian were busy dealing with this week’s mystery monster: a living spirit of a tree, also known as a dryad. (Not big.) This special dryad show’s first talking monster – was desperate to reunite with his lover, a vampire named Oliver. (Confession: Before I heard “Vampire,” I thought that she might have talked about Jackson’s wolf maid Oliver from The Originals .) And while the guy turned out to be simple enough, the plan came to a new halt when Oliver claimed that he had no memory of his lame lady. Hell, the old man was married.

As if her heart was broken, the poor throat attacked – under the influence of an unknown entity – Alaric and Dorian and forced them to take her out. Fortunately, she could reveal an important part of the jigsaw before he went to the plant: A voice in her head ordered her to take the knife into a “dark pit underground”, called Malivore. Thus she would feel “peace and finally be free”. (This dryad has clearly not seen any of the other visors in this franchise, or she would know what “peace” really means.)

The Dryads story also sheds some light on the show’s ongoing Landon mystery. After giving him a long-awaited farewell, Hope Landon hoped for a bus to New Orleans, where a “family friend” was waiting to help him find his mother of birth. (Vincent? Declan? I have to know!) Even more exciting: In one photo, Landon has her mother, she has the Malivore symbol around her throat.

Also worth discussing …

* I need to know who is performing the cover of Linkin Park’s “In the End” that was played at the beginning of the episode. Right now.

* Did you catch the Bonnie Bennett shoutout? When Dorian took Oliver on the dry tree, he said: “Our friend Bonnie made a witch on the rings. Some form of combo calls spelling and astral projection.” Certainly, I would love to see Kat Graham back in Mystic Falls, but I’ll solve a relaxed mention at the moment.

* I did not think anything could be sadder than Josie says, hoping Hayley was cute … until Alaric poured her heart out to the dryden. So you can imagine my joy when I saw Jodi Lyn O & Keefe appear in promo for next week’s episode as a freaking zombie . This performance is too good for us.

* Talk about familiar faces, who is the “family friend” in New Orleans ?!

Have you digged this week’s info-heavy episode of Legacy ? Some new theories about Landon? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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