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LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers want more minutes to win another championship

October 18, 2018 Sports 1 Views PORTLAND, Ore. – When LeBron James begins in his 16th season when the Los…

PORTLAND, Ore. – When LeBron James begins in his 16th season when the Los Angeles Lakers open his season against Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday, three-hour champion Luke Walton commits him to court him. 19659002] “I’m always well,” James said Thursday morning. “All my coaches want to find a way to reduce my minutes. I continue to tell them I’m strong enough to play most minutes, but they will not listen to me so that’s okay. I like it.”

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  • Nike debuted the LeBron line 2003 by putting “King James” on a poster surrounded by lions. This image serves as inspiration for his sneakers tonight.

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Earlier this week, Walton said he would play James a “reasonable” amount of minutes this season. Last year, James led the league 36.9 minutes per game.

But that does not mean that Walton will keep James on the bench too often.

“LeBron will play a lot of minutes, yes,” said Walton on Thursday. “It will be a consistent theme for us this year.”

James will be 34 in December and played sparingly during the offense, but Walton said his star has not shown any signs of aging.

“I told him … that his legs seem to get younger as training camps continue,” said Walton. “It usually works elsewhere, but he jumps higher, he moves faster the more we come out and play. So it’s like saying: There’s a game tonight. We’re obviously happy to play regular games now, but he looks very good. “

Walton also commented on the mentality that James has taken to Laker’s young core.

“He’s good,” said Walton. “He is a pretty serious guy, but there are looks of laughter and joy mixed in. But he has the locked element.”

It seems that for the first time in almost a decade, James is not considered a lock to compete for a championship. But it has not affected his mental attitude towards the season and strives for a fourth ring.

“It’s just my goal. It’s always been my goal … maybe the last 10 or 11 years where I felt like championship,” said James. “I want to win championships, and think about it and think about it. I think when you have championship habits, you have championship thoughts and things are being made.”

“Of course, there’s only one champion at the end of the road, and you can not dictate profits and losses, things of that nature, but you can approach you every day as a master. And if you do, do you sit down a position to succeed, either individually or as a team or whatever. “

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