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LeBron James of Los Angeles Lakers – Lonzo Ball Realizes “How Good He Is”

ESPN's Ohm Young Misuk first reported that James, along with members of the Lakers coaching staff, urged Boll to take…

ESPN’s Ohm Young Misuk first reported that James, along with members of the Lakers coaching staff, urged Boll to take more control of the action in court after he had fought in a back-to-back through Orlando and Miami last weekend, point two p

Ball responded with a season-long 15 points on 7-to-11 shots in a victory in Cleveland Wednesday and a similar aggressive game against Utah.

“I’m just playing better that way,” said Ball, crediting Rajon Rondo to coach him. “… I have a good coaching staff, great teammates who drive me every day. So I just keep hearing them in my ear and try to do the right things in court.”

Ball helped LA to retrieve his ninth win in 11 games with a left layup cut at 3:57 in the fourth quarter to put the Lakers at six and then a run-and-bow to JaVale McGee for a dunk of 2 : 11 left to increase their lead to nine.

“Well, they decided to blow LeBron from the ball,” Ball said. “So it leaves me pretty much in the open floor and I can do what I want with it. It’s tough. You made me get into the lane or you have JaVale for the lobe. So you have to choose one.” [19659002] If the former number 2 election is still finding his confidence as a 21 year old, he really misses it when it comes to evaluating his acceleration.

“I’m only faster than many people out there,” he said. “So I can get to the stains. It’s just about to end.”

Playing fast can be problematic if a team does not take care of the ball. The Lakers became winners on Friday even though they made a 24-year tournament. And their help-to-sales relationship made the mishaps even worse when they handed out a season-long low 10 assists.

“It was terrible. Terrible. Horrible man,” James said. “You look at the statesman [it was bad] but offensive we only found one late late in the game, but we just defended. The best thing about it when we turned the ball over. But we still held them in the halfway. We made a number on them in but we will not win many matches so when you turn the ball over 24 times and only have 10 assists. “

Lakers had only three to help in half-time – all belong to James – and coach Luke Walton picked it up while setting a measure of motivation: He told his team if it managed to win the game, he would cancel Saturday’s practice and give the players the day off.

Although the Lakers won the time, Walton certainly made the pounding home again in his postcard numbers.

“There is something we will get as a team and when we get there we will be a much better team,” said Walton. “So even if we win games, we will not quit coaching to make the right fit and extra fit and I really think we will be that kind of team.”

Ironically, Walton said that one player who always makes the extra pass, sometimes so much that the team encourages him to hold the ball longer so he can do something about it and make a game, Ball.

Meaning Bollen’s journey to remove the greatness James looks at him can very well reflect the fate of this Lakers team’s potential.

“He does not have [82459020] 82 games under his belt than” James said about Ball. “So I think every game is another teaching point for him and the experience will continue to happen more and more and he will know what he is doing very well to help us, but more importantly help him succeed on the floor. I can see but sometimes for you personally you have to continue to figure it out. He has not even put a complete regular season in his books yet. “

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