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LeBron James did not want the Cavaliers to trade Kyrie Irving, “especially” to the Boston Celtics (report)

When a star player asks for a trade, the assumption is usually he will have his wish, and it was…

When a star player asks for a trade, the assumption is usually he will have his wish, and it was only when Kyrie Irving asked to leave Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, according to Athletics Joe Vardon, LeBron James – the most influential member of the cavalry at that time – did not want Irving to trade, especially to his possible landing place, Boston Celtics. By Vardon, James told the organization not to do the deal.

“Everyone knows that when Kyrie was traded it was the beginning of the end for everything. It’s not a secret,” James, now playing for Los Angeles Lakers, told Vardon. “You realize at that time, take nothing from Koby, because Koby (was just named GM), but by that time you realize that Koby is not the only one driving the team that (formerly GM David Griffin) had done and that why Griff was released quite a lot. “

Altman and Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert did not listen and James would not commit himself to re-register whether the organization kept him, which put Cavaliers in an uncomfortable situation. Cleveland tried to get a balance by acquiring Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder to try and compete in today’s and Boston’s 201

8 Brooklyn Nets choose to compete in the future. But Thomas and Crowder flared both in Cleveland and neither with the team when the fall season rolled around.

As it turned out, Irving did not act directly to Celtic’s Cleveland’s chance to reach the final. The Cavaliers hit Celtics at the Eastern Conference Finals, and Irving’s knee operation in March forced him to miss the postseason anyway.

But James and Cavaliers were swept in the finals and clearly did not have the power to compete against the Golden State Warriors. Irving may not have got Cleveland all the way over the line, but he could really have helped make the series more competitive.

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