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Learn To Identify The Alarming Signals Of Stroke

Stroke is a brain attack and is similar to a heart attack. Det er den største årsaken til døden rundt…

Stroke is a brain attack and is similar to a heart attack. Det er den største årsaken til døden rundt om i verden. In een hartaanval worden de bloedvaten van het hart geblokkeerd, waardoor de bloedtoevoer wordt verminderd waardoor het gebied van het hart te worden beschadigd raakt. In een hersenaanval of een beroerte wordt het zelfde proces van het blokkeren van de bloedcellen tot de hersenen ontstaan ​​waar een deel van de hersenen niet voldoende bloedvoorziening en zuurstof veroorzaakt die het gebied wordt om dood te worden. Dit resulteert in verlies van functie.

Dr Suryanarayana Sharma, Consultant, Neurologist and Stroke Specialist, Head of Division of Stroke and Neurosonology, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals says, “The part of the brain already damaged does not recover and the patient is left with a severe disability for life. Stroke is the third commonest cause of death worldwide and there is an increase in the number of stroke patients with disabilities every day. India and China, contributing to 40 percent of world’s stroke patients. Increased prevalence of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems are directly contributing to the increased stroke prevalence. Diet that is high in carbohydrates and fats add to the risk. There is a pandemic of obesity in our country along with sleep apnea, which adds to the risk of stroke. Det er ufortunateligt at bemærke, at 20 procent af patienterne er mindre end 40 år. Stroke in young patients causes significant morbidity and has a huge impact economically as well in the family. This year, world stroke day 201

8 is celebrated with the theme of “#up again after stroke” to reinstate hope among stroke survivors ”

The relationship between poor air quality and pulmonary disease such as asthma, COPD is well documented and understood. Men, folk flest ikke klar over at åndedrag i luftkvaliteten kan forårsake en stroke. Stroke is een medische aandoening in welke hersencellen het gevolg zijn van de verminderde bloedvoorziening. A stroke can be caused by blockage or rupture of the blood vessels supplying the brain.

Dr. Gaurav Thukral, COO HealthCare at Home said, “Lack of awareness is a major cause of high DALYs in India. In India, overall DALYs lost due tostroke are 795.57 per 100,000 person-years, which is very high. Mennesker er uvidende om at være sammenhengende med luftforurensning og gjør ofte ikke de nødvendige skritt for å unngå det. Even na de aanval van de aanvallen, ondervinden mensen de betekenis van rehabilitatie, die de sleutel tot volledige herstel en lage DALY’s kan zijn. De patienter som ikke kan gå til hospitaler for regelbundne fysioterapi sessioner, hjemmehelsetjenester, er løsningen for dem. “

Earlier only one or two cases were reported in a year but now one to two cases are reported every month. Every minute after stroke 1.9 million brain cells (neurons) that and 84km or nerve fibers are permanently damaged. If patients are brought to the hospital within the golden hour of onset of stroke (4.5hrs), various advanced stroke interventions like intravenous injection of clot bursting medications, angioplasty or blood vessels to the brain can reverse the impact of stroke resulting in a good clinical outcome. Awareness about stroke and acting fast is the key to good stroke outcome

Dr. V. P. Singh, Chairman, Institute of Neurosciences, Medanta says, “Stroke can happen to anyone. De vanlige risicofactoren die stroken veroorzaken zijn onbeheersde hypertensie en diabetes, roken, obesitas, hoog cholesteroldieet, sedentaire levensstijl en gebrek aan oefening. Den samme faktoren forårsaker deponering av kolesterol i blodårene i hjertet og i hjernen. These factors are quite prevalent and inadequately controlled mainly because of poor public awareness. Patients with acute stroke often do not seek medical assistance on their own, as they are rarely in pain to understand the severity of the disease. “

With good control on blood pressure and diabetes by walking, avoiding junk food, leaving smoking and getting yourself periodically checked can help one avoid stroke. Men med familiens historie kan disse problemer kun ændres, så man kan leve med og arbejde det ud.

De symptomer på et slag kan variere fra person til person og afhænger af hvilken del af hjernen er skadet , and the severity of the injury. Siden forskellige dele af hjernen kontrollerer forskellige områder og funktioner, er det normalt det område som straks omgiver den stroke, der er påvirket.

Dr. Gaurav Goel, Associate Director, Institute of Neurosciences, Medanta says, “The most common symptoms of stroke are face deviation or asymmetry difficulty speaking, or slurred speech and difficulty an arm or leg. Strokes can cause sudden weakness and loss of sensation. Sommige van de andere symptomen zijn hoofdpijn, blurred vision, plotselinge visuele verlies, of tijdelijke verlies van visie, maar stroke is meestal painless. It is very important to recognize the warning signs of stroke and to get immediate medical attention if they occur. “

Vivek Tiwari, CEO Medicine Bazaar says,” In the past, diagnosis and treatment of stroke were challenging. Men med fremskridt inden for medicinsk teknologi og apparater er behandlingen mulig i en lille by. Advanced CT scan and MRI machines have helped in reaching the diagnosis promptly and advancement in procedures such as balloon angiography has made it possible to prevent and treat stroke. “The procedure is safer than open surgery and offers better success rates.”

Sadly, despite the medical advancements, stroke has remained one of the leading causes of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs; a measure of time spent in ill health, disability or premature death). Lage til midt-indkomstgruppens lande er på forfølgelsen af ​​udviklede lande underkastet en rampant industrialisering, der fører til overdreven luftforurening, som forventes at stige i næste par årtier. Conversely, around 85 percent of stroke cases occur in low to middle-income group companies, which attributes to high DALYs and deaths.

Dr Manreet Kahlon, COO IVH Senior Care said, “Respiratory conditions are often linked to air pollution, however, in the past decade or so evidence has emerged to link the air pollution to cardiovascular disease. De incidentie van stroke is het hoogst bij lage tot middelgrote inkomensgroepen landen als gevolg van hoge vervuiling op rekening van industrialisatie. De betydningen af ​​betingelsen kan forstås ved at luftforureningen kvalificerer sig til top 5-listen eller risikofaktoren forbundet med død i Indien. “

Forebyggelse er bedre end helbredelse er en kliché, der holder i dag. Med den nye informationen kommer ud hver dag, det er vigtigt, at folk tilpasser sig i overensstemmelse hermed. Using N95 masks while outdoors and using air purifiers at home is the solution for people living in cities with moderate to high pollution. Indoor plants that reduce the pollution also come handy to breathe fresh air indoors.

Once the symptoms of stroke are recognized, the patient must be rushed to a tertiary stroke center where there are 24/7 in house availability of neuro interventionist, neurologist and neurosurgery team providing in-house CT scan and MRI. The treatment includes clot busting medications for 4.5 hours or both clot removal using a stent like device up to 24 hours. This can change the patient’s lives after a stroke attack.

To select the most appropriate treatment for your stroke, the medical expert needs to identify the type of stroke you have, and the areas of your brain affected by the stroke.

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