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Lauren Sanchez “loose lips” leads to leak of rambling Jeff Bezos lyrics

January 11, 2019 Business 1 Views Former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez had "loose lips" about her relationship with Amazon chief…

Former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez had “loose lips” about her relationship with Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, sources telling the post – and now the whole world knows.

Cringe-worthy romantic text messages exchanged between the couple and published on Thursday by the national investigator raised the question of which member of the obsessed-but-still-married couple leaked them to the tabloid.

Sources near the survey say Sanchez sent the sexes to a friend to showcase her relationship with the world’s richest man – and then the palm grasped the text of the requestor.

“Lauren is over the moon [about their relationship],” said one source.

Meanwhile, a source who has seen the more restless text messages &#821

1; as tabloid did not publish, but it includes explicit independence – says Bezos has more to boast about than its bank account.

“He’s big,” says the insider.

An Enquirer staff working on the story says the four-month “Operation Alexa,” after the Amazon digital assistant – was secret.

“Only four editorial people knew about Project Alexa,” the staff said. “19659002” We followed their every move. They had no idea – it was pretty ironic given [Bezos] their own private security with him all the time. “

Sanchez did not return a call seeking comments.

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