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Last chance to earn GTA $ for “Red Dead 2” weapons

GTA Online has a new update, and Rockstar is coming into Red Dead Redemption 2 spirit right now and you…

GTA Online has a new update, and Rockstar is coming into Red Dead Redemption 2 spirit right now and you should be! If you have not yet, now is the last chance to earn some great GTA $ while you get two new weapons for both GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 .

 -online-stone-hatchet Now your last chance to earn GTA $ bonus to unlock Stone Hatchet and Double Action Revolver in GTA Online Rockstar

There are two Red Dead Redemption 2 weapon to unlock in GTA Online : Double Action Revolver and Stone Hatchet. Information on how to unlock both weapons is here and here. To find both weapons and sign back a week later, players earn a single GTA $ 1 million. If you have already completed weapon locking missions in GTA Online sign in before October 29 to secure your GTA $ bonus.

If you still want more GTA $, check out Smugglers Run Sell missions. These pay out with double GTA $ and RP rewards through October 29th. Double rewards are also offered in Dogfight and complete client jobs at Terrorbyte Nerve Center.

If you have all this bonus GTA $, you may as well spend it wisely! The following items are also sold until October 29th:

  • Buckingham Pyro – 35 percent of

  • PF-45 Nokota – 35 percent of

  • LF-22 Starling – 35 percent of

  • Western Rogue – 35 percent of

  • Nagasaki Ultralight – 35 percent of

  • Volatol – 35 percent of

  • Mammoth Tula – 35 percent of

  • Mammoth Mogul – 35 percent of

  • Blimp – 30 percent of

  • Hangars – 35 percent

  • Hangar Workshop – 35 percent of

  • Import / Export Vehicle Warehouses – 35 percent of

  • Declasse Scramjet – 30 percent of

  • HVY Menacer – 30 percent of

  • Dinka Jester Classic – 30 percent of

  • Karin Sultan RS – 30 percent of

  • Progen T20 – 30 percent of

  • Pegassi Reaper – 30 percent of

So what do you think? Are you excited to unlock Red Dead Redemption 2 Weapons in GTA Online ? What are you hoping for in next week’s update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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