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Large dark web drug providers voluntarily prohibit the sale of lethal drugs

Image via Carroll Foundation TrustThe UK National Criminal Office has announced that several major drug providers on the Dark Banana…

Image via Carroll Foundation Trust

The UK National Criminal Office has announced that several major drug providers on the Dark Banana have decided to voluntarily prohibit the sale of the fatal drug drug, a synthetic opioid, due to the danger it poses. The sellers decided to pull the product out of their dark websites because it could cause deaths that they think would cause them to get more attention from the police.

Discuss the removal of the item, Vince Brien from NCA, said:

“If they have people selling highly high-risk goods, it will increase their risk. There are marketplaces that do not accept lists of weapons and explosives It is obvious that law enforcement would prioritize the delivery of weapons, explosives and fentanyl over, for example, Class C drugs &#821

1; and that may be why they do.

There are also drug users on the dark web that says on forums that they do not think it’s right for people to sell fentanyl because it is dangerous and kills many people. “

Although some stores pull it from their product listings there is a good chance that it will still be is available at other stores due to the nature on the dark lane.

Most of the fentanyl sold online comes from China according to the NCA, and in Britain there have been several successes in capturing sellers after working close to police law enforcement around the world. Earlier this year, Kyle Enos, from Newport, Wales, was sentenced to eight years in prison. Of the 160 clients that the police could track, four of them had already died but it was not certain if they had sent the Enos party.

For those interested in the dark web and keeping it up as a sort of bastion for anonymity, these news should be a warning that law enforcement can actually track you, even if you’re behind the security store.

Source: The Guardian

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