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Landfills are much more dangerous than before because of our mobiles

Landfills are much more dangerous than before because of our mobiles

It is no secret that, as technology has become more popular, popularizing and updating, electronic waste They have increased at the same rate. Buying a new mobile means, in many cases,and, although there are many people -like a server- who like save them as souvenirs or for emergencies , is a reality that many others do not know what to do, and opt, eye, for throw it away . Like the one who throws away the remains of an apple or a can of soda, many users believe that the best option to get rid of their old equipment is to throw it away, Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like batteries and any other electronic waste, mobile devices must be properly recycled to avoid, among other problems, that they explode and ‘the brown line’. This is precisely what is happening in the United States. According to Call2Recycle, lithium-ion batteries (the most common in mobile phones) They were responsible for 65% of the fires that took place in the landfills of California in 2017.

The problem of a battery exploding is not that it can harm someone who is nearby -which also-, but it can cause a chain reaction whose damage can be very serious . Think that a landfill is usually a dry place full of papers and plastics, so imagine what an explosion can generate, more now in summer. This, which may seem to us of little relevance, it has become a big problem in California , to the point that they have had to launch an awareness campaign so that people Do not throw the phone in the trash and get rid of it correctly.

In Queens, New York, a fire caused by a lithium-ion battery in a landfill caused a fire that lasted two days and forced to close four stations of the Long Island Railroad because of the smoke.

In the video, a fire caused in an installation of Ecomaine because of the battery of a mobile

As you can see, recycling a phone is much more important than you think . Not only do you avoid large fires in landfills and garbage trucks, but you also contribute to reduce electronic waste and, therefore, to conserve the environment. Before throwing a mobile in the trash, try to sell it to specialized companies , put it on websites of second-hand products or, if you feel creative,. If you decide to keep it, it is important that you remove the battery , You do not want me to explode in the drawer!

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