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Lamborghini Squadro Corse SC18 is an angry Aventador

November 18, 2018 Technology 0 Views Aventador is Lamborghini's flagship car, a car faster than most people can handle. However,…

Aventador is Lamborghini’s flagship car, a car faster than most people can handle. However, if you are Lamborghinis racing department with a name like “Squadro Corse”, Aventador is a regular canvas. So when Squadro Corse got a free hand to build his first one, the SC18 was the cage.

It is surprising how SC has managed to keep this road legally. It may be because this is a special commission from a customer and really crazy about it. Because it looks extremely aggressive, especially in this combination of black and fiery red. With SC’s focus on track performance, the front bumper, hood avenue, roof shovel, wider skirts, the larger side heads and the crazy wing up on the humungous rear divider are all designed for the exact purpose of driving through the air while at the same time you channel a part of it to help with cooling and performance.

Aero help has been taken from Lamborghins motorsport experience from the Super Trofeo cars and GT3 cars, and with the car lighter, the 770bhp from 6.5-liter V1

2 would make things even faster. Because it’s a one-time car, we can never get the correct numbers. But it might well be the fastest Lamborghini Aventador yet.

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