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Lady Gaga's “Do what you want” with R. Kelly Removed from Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify

After breaking his silence on R. Kelly Lady Gaga has delivered her promise to dump a duet with the controversial…

After breaking his silence on R. Kelly Lady Gaga has delivered her promise to dump a duet with the controversial R&B singer from digital music services.

On January 9, Gaga issued a statement about her 2013 collaboration with Kelly, “Do What You Want” and wrote that she intended to “remove this song from iTunes and other streaming platforms …” [19659003] As of 10 pm ET on January 10, “Do What You Want”, with Kelly, had been removed from the US iTunes Store and is no longer part of the track list for her parent album, Gagas ARTPOP . The album is currently not available for purchase in the store, although the rest of the tracks are available to purchase individually.

Earlier on January 1

0, “Do what you want” had climbed back to the top 15 in the US iTunes list of top songs, which currently rank the most purchased songs.

In addition, the track is no longer available for streaming via the US Apple Music service or it can be played through Gaga’s official YouTube channel.

On both Apple Music and the iTunes Store, fans can still stream and buy an alternative version of “Do What You Want,” which features Christina Aguilera instead of R. Kelly and various texts. The Aguilera-assisted version of the song was released in December 2013 as a standalone single, following the Kelly version in October of that year. The Aguilera version was never in the track list ARTPOP .

Spotify is the album version with R. Kelly also not playable. A remix with Kelly and Rick Ross however, still lives on Spotify, in addition to various dance remixes, which include Kelly’s song. The Aguilera version is also available in Spotify.

It is important to note that changes in digital music services do not happen immediately. When an artist adds music or switches to existing music, it takes time for the requested change to enter a service. So just because “Do what you want” is still available in some services, it is likely to take longer to process the requested change. In press time, on three other leading US streaming services, the American Amazon Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, the Kelly version of “Do What You Want” still seems available to buy and / or stream.

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