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Korea ends with removing land mines from the border

The two koreans have completed the removal of land mines planted in their shared border crossing as part of the…

The two koreans have completed the removal of land mines planted in their shared border crossing as part of the efforts to disarm the area located in the world’s strongest fortified border, South Korean officials said on Monday.

The message came after a meeting of military officers from Korea and the United States leading UN command at the Panmonjom village border earlier Monday. It is the second such trilateral meeting to investigate efforts to demilitarize Panmunjom, the most famous site within the 248 kilometer Demilitarized Zone that bisects the two Koreans.

Disarmed village was a set of tension-reducing agreements signed by Korea’s Defense Commanders on their side of Pyongyang’s last meeting last month.

When the next disarmament rises at Panmunjom, the two Koreans and the UN Command agreed to withdraw weapons and watch posts there on Thursday. The three sides will then spend two days in common to verify these actions, Seoul’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement. Korea’s goal is to get 35 unprotected staff from each side to the village.

Officially, the entire DMZ area, including Panmunjom, jointly supervised by North Korea and the UN Command, a legacy of the Korean War, ending with a violence support, not a peace treaty. North Korea and China signed the Army on one side, while the UN Command was signed on the other side. South Korea did not sign the agreement.

Panmunjom is where the armistics were signed. Many events of bloodshed and violence have taken place since the end of the war, and rival soldiers meet only feet apart in Panmunjom.

As part of the September traders, the two Koreans cleanse separate mines from another frontline area, where they plan their first joint searches for the remains of soldiers killed during the Korean War. Korea is also planning to establish buffer zones along their land and sea borders and a border crossing zone.

On Monday, officials from Korea at their newly launched contact office at the North Korean border town Kaesong met for talks on how to cooperate in the forestry sectors. General Secretary from Korea will meet for pan-bilateral talks in Panmunjom on Friday to discuss further details of how to implement stress reduction agreements under the South Korean Defense Department.

Seoul’s liberal government is pushing for greater involvement with North Korea, but US officials say that such moves should be in concert with global efforts to nuclear North Korea.

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