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Kobe Bryant says LeBron James does everything for the Lakers is “not a recipe for winning championship”

When Magic Johnson took over as team president of Los Angeles Lakers in 2017, he made clear that he wants…

When Magic Johnson took over as team president of Los Angeles Lakers in 2017, he made clear that he wants the organization to start winning championship again and by signing LeBron James he took a big step in that direction. [19659002] However, he has also emphasized that he does not want to make the same mistakes as Cleveland Cavaliers did and drive James into the ground. Apparently, he is not the only person who is affiliated with the organization who wants to avoid doing so.

During a Q & A at Laker’s annual “All Access” event at the Staples Center on Monday, Kobe Bryant said that the Lakers can not rely solely on James to get them to the Promised Country (via Dave McMenamin of ESPN) :

Bryant said that James’s approach to his virgin with the Lakers did not contribute to long-term success without the need for this stage in the team’s development.

“It’s a test of Bronze patience and does what he needs to do to keep the team’s head over water,” said Bryant Lakers play-by-play advertiser Bill MacDonald at “All Access” Event. “So it’s a balance sheet. They fought, Bron got the ball, took control, decided to start scoring, do everything, do it all.”

“It’s not the recipe for winning championships in any way, but it’s a prescription to keep your head over water, to give you a small breathing space, and now it’s back to learn how to play the way we want to play. “

These comments are a little ironic from Bryant, whose reputation among the Lakers fans is based on the fact that he probably won his titles who do all the work, but he’s not wrong.

There have been games this season that the Lakers have gone away with close wins because James, in the absence of a better phrase, turned the switch. While he can certainly do it on a certain night, it’s not a sustainable model for success, especially given that he’s only a few weeks away from to celebrate her 34th birthday.

Fortunately, there has not been a major problem for the Lakers this season, and with each game they look more comfortable as a collective unit. As a result, James plays the smallest minutes he is averaging in his career (34.6) while on average, he calculates the highest score per game (27.8) since he made “The Decision.”

It will be nights that James must get up and carry his team into a tough victory because they t is what superstars do, but as long as he does not constantly need to drill out the Lakers, this will continue to be a non-problem.

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