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Kim Kardashian, Willie Nelson and more stars who have voted in the middle of the election

Kim Kardashian and Willie Nelson led the polls on Tuesday to vote for the mid-term elections.(Getty Images) It's the election…

It’s the election day and the stars are not just encouraging fans to vote in the middle but are on their way to voting themselves to vote their votes.

Here’s a look at all the celebrities who have got their “I voted” stickers:

Willie Nelson

The country’s singer wrote a selfie with his sticker and the text “JUST VOTE.”

Kim Kardashian

Holds On With The Kardashians “Star Took On Her Instagram Story On Tuesday To Share A Photo Of Her” I Voted “Stickers.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

The Country’s Superstars were all smiles after the vote last week. “Voted !!!!” Hill

Mandy Moore

“This Is Us” shared a message with her “I Voted” klister.

“Voting: 100% more effective than complaining on the Internet, “Moore’s tee reads.

Katy Perry

Perry shared a photo of herself and her grown up wore a troll star on Tuesday, a sharp contrast from her 2016 look, where Perry took off say a funny or dice video as a way to get the fans to the polls.

Drew Barrymore

The star “Santa Clarita Diet” published a photo of herself with her “I Voted” sticker that covered her mouth. [19659005] Demi Lovato

The “sober” singer br for her silence takes on social media on Tuesday to show the world that she was exercising his right to vote and encourage others to do the same.

Lovo’s post is the first time she has spoken publicly since she released a cordial message in August when she was in hospital for 10 days after an overdose of drugs in her home from home in the Hollywood Hills. [19659005] Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon divided himself into a white top with two accessories: a gold chain and her “I Voted” stickers.

“I voted!

John Stamos

The” Fuller House “star took his son Billy to the polls.

” We did, did you? “# vote” Stamos captioned a photo of him holding his 7 month old baby boy who has a “I voted” sticker on his back.

Jessica Biel

The actress proudly held her “I voted” sticker on Tuesday.

“Today is the day,” wrote the Biel picture. “Let your voice be heard and vote.”

Jessica Alba

Along with sending a photo of herself in a Tory Burch “VOTE” tej, Alba encouraged her fans to share their “I voted” snaps with a star promising to repost their Instagram images.

“Take Your Self Service Vote Sticker Use hashtag #postthevote – I’m reposting people!” The Honest Company founder wrote.

Fox News’ Morgan Evans and Julius Young contributed to this report.

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