State Secretary Kevin Parker, D-Brooklyn, details his bill that would require a search of social media before granting a state of arms.
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ALBANY, NY – A state senator pushing a bill that would require gunmen to submit a social media search called on a Senate republican aide to kill himself in a now-taken Twitter post on Tuesday.

The verified Twitter account of late Kevin Parker, D-Brooklyn, presented the violent demand after the AIDS Candy Giove accused him of abusing a bumper sticker for Senate issues.

“Kill Yourself!” Parkers tweeted in response.

The tweet was originally published at. 11:25. EST. It was deleted minutes later.

At 12:18 septum, Parker wrote an apology .

“I’m sorry,” wrote Parker. “I used a bad choice of words. Suicide is a serious matter and should not be revealed.”

Within a few hours, Parker was tweeting at Giove again saying she is on “Wrong page about the story of all the important issues facing New York!”

Parker attracted attention late last month when he proposed a bill that would require those seeking a firearm permit to consent to having their social media

The bill would require gun seekers to turn their password into key accounts to the police, if it needs.

If approved, up to three years with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter posts and a year of search engine history would be open for review.

In a tweet, Giove appeared surprised by Parker’s tweet.

“Did a senator just write this to me?” she wrote
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