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Kevin Gorman: For Pitt, this ACC final can not be a cameo

Updated 2 hours ago Pitts Road to ACC Football Championship did not start with a prediction of Pat Narduzzi without…

Updated 2 hours ago

Pitts Road to ACC Football Championship did not start with a prediction of Pat Narduzzi without a potential potential.

Long before Narduzzi’s now famous “See you in Charlotte” line, he predicted his vision that the pants had a chance to win the ACC Coastal Division and play for the conference title.

This pitch has actually been rotated.

“It was the entire recruitment heights”, said Pitt left tackling Stefano Millin, a graduation from Kent State. “They thought they had enough talent to come back for this season to come to the championship. … It has been the goal since they started talking to me. To see it come true, I only confirm my decision to come here. “

Pitt (7-5) seeks his first ACC title when playing No. 2 Clemson (1

2-0) at 8 o’clock on Saturday at the Bank of America Stadium, meaning his promised anticipation met prophecy.

“It’s obviously a big game,” said Pitt senior back George Aston. “People say,” Oh, that’s just another game we play. “That’s not it. It is an ACC championship game. For many of us, it’s the biggest game we’ve ever been throughout our lives. In the offseason, we break down & # 39; ACC champs. & # 39; It’s starting to get true right now. “

The Panthers surpassed losses to Penn State, UCF and Notre Dame in a brutal non-conference schedule – all three are nationally ranked and the latter two are undefeated – but even striking all three would not have meant as much if the pants fell against Charlotte.

“You need an opportunity to get there. You have no chance until you get there, “said Narduzzi.” I have predicted recruitment in the past four years that we have a chance in Pittsburgh to play in a championship game, okay? When we get there we have the chance to win a football match.

“Now we have to prove that we can win a championship game. But the first step is to get there. When we can get there, you can come there again and our children can believe even more when we preach it.” [19659003] The odds at Pitt who won the ACC title are much longer than they were for the pants to see Charlotte.

Clemson is a favorite in four details – the same odds that Pitt had before his 13-9 rebel victory over No. 2 West Virginia in the 2007 final – and the tigers are in their fourth consecutive ACC final.

But Pitt hit a former undefeated Clemson two years ago in Death Valley and a former undefeated Miami last year on Heinz Field, so the Panthers know they have a chance to turn off another No. 2.

“You do not Do not talk about it because it does not matter, really. (Clemson will) be more prepared this time because of it. They will probably be angry and our guys must be angry, period, “said Narduzzi. “Deeply, maybe our children give a little faith when they sit back in their dormitory or sit in class day-dream it,” Hi, we’ve done this before. We can do it again. “But it will not help us when it fires the open fired.”

Narduzzi knows that the chance that Pitt pulls off another great upset is minimal. Clemson has won the last three ACC title games and hit Miami (38-3) last year, Virginia Tech (42-35) in 2016 and North Carolina (45-37) in 15th.

If you notice a trend, it’s that Pitt is the sixth different school that represents the coast of the ACC championship game since ’13. Where Georgia Tech or Virginia Tech reached the final in the first eight years, it has since been a sharp shot to decide the Coast Master.

The Atlantic is another story, as either Clemson (six) and Florida State (five) have appeared in all but three finals. Wake Forest won 2006 and Boston College for the next two years.

Win or lose, the key to Pitt is to do this more than a single thing. The pants get their first taste of an ACC championship game, which should leave those who want more. The story shows that the second look is more fruitful, as Virginia Tech lost in & # 39; 05 but returned to win in & # 39; 07 & # 08; and as Clemson lost in & # 39; 09 but has won four ago.

“It’s a real special thing,” said Shane Roy, Pitt senior defensive thank. “Of course, it’s always the goal, every season, to make it up to this game. And we do not just want to do that. We want to win it.”

It forced Narduzzi to adjust its goal to my goal, knowing that nobody wants to crush his huddle by chanting “ACC finalists”.

And that this can not be a cameo.

“So, when you look at it, we’ve met our goals here,” said Narduzzi. “But the job is not done. It’s never done.”

Now when the prediction came to fruition, it has given the potential for prophecy. It’s a tone that Pitt can preach until it wins the ACC title.

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Kevin Gorman is a Tribune-Review Staff Author. You can contact Kevin on [email protected] or via Twitter @KGorman_Trib.

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