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Kevin Durant treats more drama, and he did not go with Warriors for it

HOUSTON – The warriors have spent every few weeks every rose petal that they can find at Kevin Durant's feet.…

HOUSTON – The warriors have spent every few weeks every rose petal that they can find at Kevin Durant’s feet. They know he sees them. They do not know if he bothered them. They do not know if their efforts are translated to affect.

The educated guess is not.

It did not affect Durant’s free agency before Squabble on Staples, and it’s certainly not now Draymond Green has put fire on the rose petals.

Durant remains flattering from those who lack the NBA players brotherhood and those he loves and respects outside basketball. Sure, he embraced adulation back in July 2016, when he set up camp in The Hamptons and called on a procession of visitors to bring out his most convincing stories. By that time, he would feel the power of getting mountains to come to Muhammad.

He does not want it or need it next time, 201

9. Durant’s next move will be much less about what someone says and much more about what he wants to do.

He will look for something deeper and more important than reminding himself of his greatness or even winning basketball games. He comes with deep assurance to know that a friend’s face can change on a whim if an adult man exerts his freedom.

Durant experienced the process of Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City. He goes through Round 2 with Green. Westbrook’s use of “cupcake” to describe Durant was a “soft” euphemism. Green does not make euphemism. He, according to several sources, called Durant a “bitch”. Same.

Westbrook was released because Durant left. Green unloaded for him to leave. Then again, Durant is about friend-enemy-friend-enemy things that are generally limited to teenagers with furious hormones. This is not a game he cares about playing.

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Here’s where we point out Durant has never once criticized Westbrooke’s first tendencies, even as others have stated that it was among the factors that drove Durant from Thunder. Durant did not go into that story, even though most accounts were significant.

Durant left the OKC less because he was looking for something better than looking for something more. He came to Warriors hoping to play entertaining and intelligent basketball with teammates he had in a region that offered something more. This was a test by himself, to see if the experience would be as good as he imagined. And sometimes it has been.

Other times, it has not been. Durant went through some unfortunate moments last spring, most visible during the Western Conference final against Rockets. Coach Steve Kerr’s proverb came to some as a criticism. Green, always vocal, hardly pointed out Durant that he had resorted to playing the kind of isolation basketball that Warriors would rather avoid.

Green was not wrong. The rockets did a masterful job that interfered with the war’s violent circles as Durant returned to one-on-one ball that defined much of its time in OKC. He did something he longed for leaving.

Now here. Now Green, who primarily recruited Durant to Warriors, tells Durant that he is soft and, according to sources, usable.

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Durant admits that he was beating his departure from OKC. He handed permission to contact Westbrook, to which he had been close. In order to fail to deviate with personal decor, Durant is entitled to withdrawal.

Durant is now vilified every time the War is playing Thunder in Oklahoma. The fans who loved him turned to him for exercising his freedom, the right to choose another employer.

More than two years later, Durant still tends to personal projects in OKC. He left the place but never stopped supporting it.

If Durant leaves Warriorsna, and it’s practically expected, he still has Bay Area connections. And the fans will not feel as abandoned as those in Oklahoma.

Warriors fans knew from the moment Durant wrote that he was a luxury. The warriors were great before he arrived, but his presence invoked the likelihood of a dynasty. This was Stephen Curry’s team, sure, but Durant came in as the ultimate collaborator.

And now, because Durant was so stressed that he wanted the ball at the last second of a game in November, it’s a crack inside. Durant clapped and shouted at the ball. Green popped back, in a way to speak and went nuclear.

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Green says he will be the temporary causal vocal presence he has always been to if Durant would leave, well, they have made a story.

Durant says he never wants to be the issue of his relationship with Green, who only manages to handle what he has relation to Westbrook.

Durant did not come to the War of Drama. He got a load of grief and condemnation to leave Thunder, got another burden to join Warriors.

And now, even as an extremely successful warrior, does he get it from a teammate?

Durant, even as Warrior’s executives drop rose petals in front of him in an attempt to connect, can not be satisfied with it.

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