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Kevin Durant is happy to be “good teammate” in the shadow of Steph Curry's big night

OAKLAND – Even after all these years and awards and championships, the fire is blurred by the past of the…

OAKLAND – Even after all these years and awards and championships, the fire is blurred by the past of the past in Stephen Curry.

It’s not that he’s clinging to anger over the past. He just will not allow to forget them.

Therefore, it has been and will continue to be game as Wednesday night when he offers yet another nuclear recall to all the doubts in his person when he was the scary teenager -ager hoping to be attended by NCAA ruler classmasters.

Due to the challenge of John Wall, Washington Wizards guard representing the derived prep status he never achieved, Curry took over the game and reduced Wall to a footnote invisibly other than at the humiliating end of a peak.

“It’s not frustrating,” Wall said. “In the basketball game we have seen him do it for so many years now. He’ll make a shot … you just have to keep playing and move on from it.”

Wall had no choice but to move on from Curry’s epic performance , which led the war arena to a 1

44-122 victory over the guides. Curry reached 51 points, 31 in the first half. Playing 32 minutes, none in the fourth quarter, he was 15-24 of the floor, including 11 of 16 from the depths and 10 of 10 from the line.

Wall, Kentucky product and no. 1 overall choice in 2010 – one year after Curry went seventh overall to Warriors – played 27 minutes, finishing 13 points on 5-in-13 shots.

Curry is too polite to say that, but he has nothing more than to face and defeat the players who went to college with the kind of national, if not global, praise he never received. Whether it’s Chris Paul or Kyrie Irving or Russell Westbrook or any of the others who got into the NBA on a ship of hype, Curry puts on his chef’s toque and gets the heat.

“All these guys are extreme talents who deserve to be marked for what they do,” said Curry. “I would like to say that we get the best in each other when we have these kinds, even if it’s not one-on-one back and forth” iso “situations. As for the atmosphere and understand how big your opponent is, it keeps you completely motivated. “

It was in February 2016 that Curry and Wall staged one of the most spectacular duels in the latest NBA story. Playing at the Verizon Center in Washington, Curry poured in 51 points – adding an improvised shimmy later imitated by President Barack Obama – lifting Warriors into a 134-121 victory.

Wall finished with 42. It was not enough.

On this night, Wall did not belong in the same building as Curry, much less in the same court. Curry was in his own exclusive space, a zone for him alone.

“Some of the shooting was just mindboggling,” said Warrior’s coach Steve Kerr. “Nobody has ever done what he does. Get up from, I do not know, 32 (feet)? Is the documented number? Seemed like some of the missing, maybe even had been a bit longer and I was not even angry that he took them.

“You get a guy who takes 40 footers and you go sideways” Yes, that’s a good shot. Good job & # 39 ;. Explain it. We have never seen this before. “

We’ve seen it before. Wall has seen it before.

” A couple of them early did he only make some tough shots, “he said.” But some of us did not communicate on our switches. But some of them were only. . . When he is hot he is hot. “

And nothing feels better for Stephen Curry than being too hot to be stopped by those who once considered their superiors but now can not seem to stay.

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