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Kevin Durant is absurd

November 30, 2018 Sports 0 Views Toronto Raptors beat Golden State Warriors in overtime on Thursday night with the score…

Toronto Raptors beat Golden State Warriors in overtime on Thursday night with the score 131-128. The matchup lost some of its potential juices because of the absence of Steph Curry and Draymond Green, but the basketball itself was amazing. Kawhi Leonard was great. Pascal Siakam was great. Also Serge Ibaka was excellent. Jonas Jerebko, of all people, stamped the game. But Kevin Durant, I’m afraid to say, was absurd. Kevin Durant is absurd.

This has less to do with Durant’s scary points-he scored 51 points in 31 shots in 43 minutes, his third consecutive match of at least 44 points makes his ridiculous scoring repertoire. The raptors were everywhere under control, and the warriors were constantly working from behind, and it fell to Durant not only to be their primary painter, but their primary ball trader and shooter and playmaker, and with top-class defenders like Leonard and Danny Green and OG Anunoby and Siakam draped over him. It’s still disgusting and unfair that a seven photographer who does this:

Also do this:

And also this:

But it’s really his last buck of regulation like deserves your full attention. With Warriors down six after a bold Kyle Lowry striker Durant dribbled to the right and with Lowry inside his shorts pulled up for a 27-foot pointer to make it a possession game. It was a ballsy bucket, but it was just an appetizer for the shot to come. At the next Warrior’s possession, after a Leonard miss, and with less than one full shot clock remaining on the bell and Warriors down three points, this happened:

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